6 social game design monetization methods and mechanics

Social games have become an excellent way to earn income, which is why many entrepreneurs and developers have implemented methods and mechanics of monetization of social game design, but … do you know how they really do it and how to apply the methodology? In Jump TV, Audience Insights platform and AI video, we will see this process and other aspects of interest in reference to social games below.

How to monetize social games?

In the first place, it is necessary to highlight that social games are those that are practiced between two or more people, but to monetize them they require several details, for example: having established the mechanics and the operating system, evaluating how the demand is for coins in virtual games, verify that it is visually attractive to players, and, above all, identify the strengths of the game to keep players loyal and increase the flow of members.

In the same way, you have to focus on how to make players spend money and continue to do so, implement tactics to see what players like (and also what they do not like), it is important to place payment buttons for credit cards credit and other means of payment, also add incentives that encourage spending.

The secret is to achieve a balance between loyalty and monetization, for this the social game must focus on enjoyment, this will create the bond of engagement, in the same way, it is important to involve the player because proximity keeps him participatory, and this translates into generating income .

6 social game design monetization methods and mechanics 

The methods to monetize social games are known as social game design monetization methods and mechanics,  the principal ones are:

  1. Freemium

This is a combination of free and paid that is used to engage and achieve player loyalty, this method consists of downloading the game for free and paying for additional content. It is divided into several models, for example: free games of limited use, they grant a time limit to play and then they must pay a subscription to continue; Another model is the free download, but if you want to advance with additional characters, equipment or other details you have to make a payment; and the latest model of freemium uses in-game advertising in the free version, the paid version allows you to remove those advertisements.

  1. Paidmium

In social games this is a way of monetizing that consists in that players pay a fee for downloading the game, and if they want additional services they must also pay for them. These types of games that monetize under this method offer a high quality experience, additional services that are well worth it and without any type of advertising.

  1. Subscription method

It is a very common monetization mechanic in social games, where the user makes a monthly or annual payment to enjoy additional services and improvements in the gaming experience.

  1. In-app purchase mechanics

It allows players to acquire items and products from the game itself, it is a very effective method that gives each user the option to buy in real time what they want to improve in their game.

  1. In-App Advertising

One of the methods that generates the most monetization in games are the different forms of advertising that are included.

  1. Promote products of other companies

Through the promotion of products or services of other companies you can also monetize in social games, this promotion leaves commissions every time a user downloads the game.

The monetization of social games is becoming easier with the correct implementation of the methods and mechanics that allow profitability, it is important to choose the most appropriate or the combination of several to obtain the desired profitability,  without neglecting that the experience of the players be better and more attractive.