AVOD meaning: What is it and what is it for?

Today we are going to talk about the meaning of AVOD, what it is and what it is for. Demands for digital content have undergone an extraordinary change in current times, with on-demand content being one of the most popular. Many users have put aside the option of terrestial TV to choose other platforms, which offer content to watch at the time they want without paying large sums of money and without registering.

A large number of users in recent months have subscribed to streaming content platforms. Many of them choose ad-free options, for example Netflix and HBO, but there are other ad-supported content-on-demand (AVOD) alternatives that are catching on very well. Let’s see what it is about .

Meaning of AVOD

What is AVOD?

We have previously talked about what AVOD, SVOD and TVOD are and how they differ, but today we focus on the meaning of AVOD.

What is AVOD? For starters, AVOD is an acronym that stands for Advertising-Based Video on Demand, a new model that has made its way into streaming television. AVOD allows users to access free content from series, shows, movies and others, with advertisements.

The advertisements displayed in AVOD are relatively short and are played during the transmission of the content that the user chooses, they may appear at the beginning, in the middle and before the end.

What is AVOD for?

For advertisers this is a very profitable opportunity because they can place a more specific type of advertising, however, they are not the only beneficiaries, consumers, content owners and, without a doubt, entrepreneurs also enter here.

Currently, AVOD’s foray into the US market is exceeding all expectations, since the demand for free digital content continues to grow, but the way they have to monetize is through advertising.

How to monetize with AVOD?

It is necessary to locate a company that advises and guides the process, although this is not complex, if it is necessary to obtain all the information about the benefits and scope that AVOD offers, let’s see some details that Jump offers its users:

  1. Track metrics that affect video service performance.
  2. Improve marketing campaigns.
  3. Predict the behavior of the audience.
  4. Increase consumption and user participation.
  5. Answer the most important questions about the video service. All business models are supported, including AVOD.
  6. Helps to understand the behavioral relationships of users, so that they can target different groups of users.
  7. Provides content performance statistics.
  8. Helps keep abreast of video business results, accurately forecasting user conversion, churn, financial performance, content consumption, and more.
  9. Personalize the content of the video service, in order to increase consumption and user participation.

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