The use of data driven sales enablement marks a new stage in sales management, adapted to the changing market reality. Sales is no longer a purely intuitive activity or an activity related to persuasiveness: data is becoming increasingly important to know what the audience wants and, based on this information, to design truly attractive proposals. 

From JUMP Data-Driven Video, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, we’ll explain to you what data driven sales enablement is and give you some tips on how to implement it

What is data-driven sales training?

It is a new vision of sales, from which we try to obtain concrete data from consumers or potential consumers, looking for that information to guide sales teams to achieve their goals, without relying on the intuition of the moment or their ability to persuade.

In other words, if we apply data science to commercial management, we will have vital information about the customer, thus discovering what their interests are and what we can offer them to generate a sale.

How to make a successful sales enablement strategy: 8 tips

To achieve a truly successful data driven sales enablement, we can follow some tips:

  • Set clear goals and involve all sales reps.
  • Have clear leadership in the sales team.
  • Choose metrics to measure the success of the sales plan.
  • Define who owns and manages the data.
  • Automate data collection.
  • Integrate data into decision-making processes.
  • Provide ongoing training to sales reps.

The Power of Data

In addition to following the advice given in the previous section, we must bear in mind that data driven sales enablement is very important because data has a power that we often overlook. Having information about our audience and their preferences can be the first step in designing products and content that respond to their real needs and requirements.

Drive revenue

There is no doubt that an effective data driven sales enablement will allow you to increase your sales and, as a consequence, boost your project’s revenue. If you have data-driven sales reps, they are likely to sell more: they will have extra information to find ways to seduce consumers, without relying solely on intuition.

The use of data driven sales in video monetization platforms

Video monetization platforms provide us with an enormous amount of data, if we know how to collect and analyze them, we will have a wide variety of information about the audience and its segmentation: which countries or regions concentrate the largest number of users, at what time of day they access our content, which age group is the predominant, which content achieves greater acceptance… 

Depending on the needs of each video service, you can offer your audience segments different recommendations based on editorial use cases, custom use cases and extended personalized capabilities. With the JUMP Personalizer tool, the video monetization platform can recommend specific content to each user profile, to offer them an ultra-personalized experience