5 strategies to increase user engagement with your video service

Increased user engagement is a vital step for a company focused on video playback services to gain a loyal and engaged audience.

At Jump Data-Driven Video, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, our mission is to bring about innovations that enable companies in the audio-visual sector to provide top quality services, while achieving a better return on investment. In this way, increasing user participation must be a priority objective in order to achieve the aforementioned advances.

 5 strategies to increase user engagement

Today we are going to give you 5 strategies that will allow you to increase user engagement and take a leap forward in your project. Read each section carefully and apply the advice we give you:

 Personalise products

One of the aspects that most increases user participation is to offer them services that adapt to their deepest needs. Get to know your audience and personalise your products.

Ongoing activity and creativity on social media

Social media is perhaps today’s main weapon for increasing user engagement. But you must use them creatively, innovating and keeping profiles and pages always active.

Share content produced by the users themselves

A good way to interact with the public directly and generate their participation is to value the content created by the consumers themselves. Highlight a comment, share the video of a user who develops an artistic activity… All of this will favour the relationship between the brand and the user.

Build trust through influencers

Influencers are people who can attract a large audience on social networks. If you establish alliances with them that benefit both parties, you can get part of the audience that follows them to become interested in your audio-visual services company’s content as well.