JUMP for Gaming

Increase player monetization by plugging AI into your game

What does your gaming business get with Jump for Gaming?

IAPs contextual personalization by player and item similarity

Configure the IAPs experience with tailored personalized recommendations based on your monetization strategy

Show you players personalized IAPs in the store with JUMP API

Unlock the full potential of your game monetization with these simple steps:


Jump generates IAPs personalized recommendations for your players


Show personalized IAPs to your players on the store through JUMP API


Track personalization monetization impact vs non-personalized IAPs


Install JUMP SDKs or send us your data


Track performance, learn and iterate!


Download JUMP SDKs or send us your data


Jump generates IAPs personalized recommendations for your players


Show personalized IAPs to your players on the store through JUMP API


Track personalization monetization impact vs non-personalized IAPs


Track performance, learn and iterate!

HOW JUMP for Gaming IAPs personalization works?

Player Profiling

Allows you to understand how players evolve by providing knowledge about their experience levels, their money earned, their current level, average positions, etc.

JUMP creates players’ daily profiles from a set of events related to each player’s activity

  • Sessions started
  • Revenue
  • Virtual cash
  • IAPs Purchases
  • Items used
  • Level up
  • Wins/Losses when playing with other players
  • And many others..

Using the daily profiles, JUMP generates a unique profile for each player with the statistics added to the most recent date.

Players clustering, model training and prediction

Group players with similar behavior, based on their profiles, to make more precise predictions for each cluster

  • JUMP creates player clusters based on similar player profiling/behavior

  • JUMP trains its machine learning personalization similarity model independently for each cluster data

  • JUMP provides list of items to recommend to each individual player

Personalization Channels

Allows you to personalize IAPs recommendations based on a specific motivation within the game experience

  • Recommend IAPs similar to the ones bought by opponents who defeated a player
  • Consumables that players usually buy and have run out of

  • Recommend improvements to player’s current equipment 
  • Recommend items purchased by “next level” players
  • Recommend items according to individual player’s style

  • Users who have been playing less than a certain amount of time or number of game sessions

  • Users with a win ratio level when playing with other players

  • And many others …

Monetization Impact

Provides visibility of how the different player clusters improve their monetization levels

  • Based on increased number of transactions

  • Based on monetization levels (Revenue, CLTV, ARPU, etc.)
  • Based on number of different category items bought
  • Based on retention levels (player lifetime, 1/7/30 days, etc.)
  • Based on engagement levels (# sessions, time spent, etc.)
  • And many others …

Player Segmentation

Understand player behavior relationships and
answer critical questions about your games

Player consumption clusters

  • Clusters by number of sessions, time spent, frequency, etc.

Player monetization clusters

  • Clusters by CLTV (Top (whales), Mid, Low spenders)

Increase player retention

  • Create your own segments
  • Combine consumption
    and monetization
  • Add additional segmentation criteria (demographics, location, device, time of day, etc.)

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Player Predictions

Make data-driven decisions and influence your player's future behavior

Forecast performance of acquisition campaigns

  • Forecast your game campaigns’ ROI
  • Estimate how much time it will take to recover your investment
  • Invest in the best-performing acquisition channels per your goals

Conversion prediction

  • Free player conversion rate
  • Free player conversion scoring
  • Main factors that influence conversion

Retention prediction

  • Paying player retention analysis
  • Paying player churn rate prediction
  • Paying player churn risk scoring
  • Main factors that influence churn 

Increase player retention

  • Recommended items for individual players
  • Recommended items per device
  • Recommended items per type of day
  • Recommended items per time of day

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... And more game analytics

Game business snapshot

“How is my game performing in general?”

Game acquisition

“How can I maximize my conversion rate?”

Players activity

“How engaged are my players and why?”

Game consumption

“Do I have the right games for my business?

Game discovery

“Is my game capturing the interest of trial players?”

Game monetization

"How much is my game earning per month?"

Game retention

“Which users are most likely to leave my game service?”

Game UX Performance

“Is the user experience optimal for my players?”

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