Improve Monetization in AVOD Platforms

In recent years, the evolution of new technologies and changes in consumption patterns have led to the search for improved monetization in AVOD platforms.

At JUMP Data Driven, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, we tell you about the strategies that the market offers today to make AVOD platforms more profitable.

Strategies to improve monetization on AVOD platforms

These platforms offer content with small advertisements. In this way, the content becomes free for the consumer, since the revenue for the platform and for the content creator arises from the insertion of advertising.

There are several strategies that we can use to offer improvements in the monetization of content on AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) platforms.

Personalized ads with Jump Personalized. We offer a tool to analyze the audience and deliver the most relevant and personalized advertising to viewers to increase engagement and click-through rates. Audience targeting techniques such as geolocation, browsing history, interests and viewing habits can be used to achieve this.

The importance of audience segmentation in AVOD platform monetization

When it comes to monetizing on AVOD platforms, we talk about audience segmentation. Why? Because by analyzing the desired audience, you can reach those who want that product or service to satisfy a specific need.

AVOD platforms can be segmented by geographic areas and demographic factors, consumption habits, abandonment rate…

Monetization of AVOD platforms through personalization and content recommendation

Through the personalization of content and its recommendation, we will achieve that the content that this audience wants, reaches them. 

The same happens with the recommendation. The platform recommends content to the user and from there it is possible to monetize through advertising of products or services that are of interest to that user.

Analysis of current trends in AVOD platform monetization

It is now known that there is very little time left for Video On Demand advertising to move directly to AVOD services.

The proportion of advertising in AVOD is still very low, but it is known that the expansion of the model is on the rise.

How to increase revenues on AVOD platforms? Best strategies and recommendations

The first step to increase revenue on AVOD platforms is to create quality content. If the content is good, the user will request more and more, generating engagement.

Another point is to ensure that the platform offering the service can sustain it over time, and with a quality service that is easily and quickly accessible.

If you want to know more about this world, we recommend you to contact JUMP TV, where we are dedicated to offer solutions to video services reproduction companies.