Instant Game Monetization: What is it? How does it work? Step by Step

Instant games can be monetized using different resources, for example, through in-app purchases, advertisements, among others, if you are a game developer or developer you can earn  money following some business models.

Historically, the percentage of users who pay to access instant games on their mobile devices is very low, however, a large number of developers turn to advertising and other resources to generate income, if you want to know how it works, in Jump TV, Audience Insights platform and AI video, we explain it to you step by step.

What is instant game monetization?

Instant game monetization is a way to make money by creating and promoting instant games. These games can be uploaded on platforms such as: Google Play, Facebook, among others, complying with some requirements, so that they are available to a large number of users. Since not all users want to pay for instant games, there are several ways to generate income, one of the most common and effective being the placement of advertising.

Advertising monetization is one of the most effective methods to generate income, there are even a variety of ads that can be part of your games. For example:

  • Banner: Banner ads are usually rectangular in shape and easily fit for single-screen games, as they can be placed in a free area.
  • Interstitial: ideal for those games that have transition points, showing on a full screen.
  • Rewarded Ads: Users will need to view an ad for a short period of time to access a reward.
  • Native: can be fully customized to form part of the game’s visual design.

In short, there are many options to use advertisements in instant games and generate income, you can also combine different  formats to maximize your earnings.

How does it work? Step by Step.

As we stated previously, there are multiple ways to monetize your games, among which are:

  • Pay Game – This is one of the most obvious options, however it is only a viable alternative for large triple AAA titles.
  • In-app purchases: within a free game you can offer alternatives for acquiring better weapons and enchantments, extra bonuses, among others.
  • Ads by advertising: perhaps one of the most implemented in instant games, there are many companies that offer a percentage of profit for an advertising system.
  • Game add-ons: invite users to download extra levels with new characters.
  • Licenses: there are companies and portals interested in showing instant games on their website, in exchange for a monetary investment.
  •  Subscriptions: a way to obtain a daily, weekly, monthly or annual income, for the use of the application.

Similarly, Facebook offers options to monetize your instant play using interstitial and rewarded ads. Let’s see the steps to include an interstitial ad in your game:

  1. First, you must create the ad placement, for this you must have a Facebook Audience Network account, and visit the following link, then follow the instructions.
  2. Copy the ID of the ad location.
  3. GDevelop will provide you with the options to load the interstitial ad at the beginning of the scene or when it passes a level.
  4. Place double quotes in the ad placement ID parameter to load the ad.
  5. Now you can save and export your game to Facebook Instant Games.

Keep in mind that the ads will only be available on mobile devices.

The ways to generate income are varied, but you have to be attentive to new tools and resources, combine them effectively and you will be able to take advantage of this business model.