Jump Predictions

JUMP Predictions

Harness the power of predictive analytics, generating insights by plugging AI into your digital service
Predictive analytics

Increase retention by understanding why your users leave, before they leave

Leverage specific digital service AI models to predict churn and understand why customers might be at risk, leading to a retention strategy with defined concrete actions.

User retention analysis

“What is my overall retention performance?”

User churn rate prediction

“Which users are most likely to leave my service?”

User churn risk scoring

“What is my user distribution based on their risk of leaving the service?”

Main factors influencing churn

“Which user attributes influence churn probability?”

Segmented churn analysis

“Are there risk differences between different user groups?"

Churn model performance metrics

“Is the churn prediction accurate enough to trust the results?”

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Boost acquisition by using predictions to identify the most likely candidates to convert to paying customers

Leverage digital service AI models to predict the trial users who are most likely to convert and define a solid conversion strategy with immediate, concrete actions.

Trial user to paying customer conversion analysis

“What is the overall performance of my user conversion?”

Trial user conversion rate prediction

“Which trial users are most likely to convert to paying subscribers?”

Trial user conversion scoring

“What is the conversion score distribution for my users?”

Main factors influencing conversion

“Which user attributes most influence the trial user conversion probability?”

Segmented conversion analysis

“Are there conversion differences between different user groups?"

Conversion model performance metrics

“Does the conversion prediction produce accurate, reliable results?”

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Stay on top of your business outcomes by accurately forecasting user acquisition,
financial performance, and service consumption

Use specific digital service machine learning models to forecast your most relevant business outcomes so you can define better business strategies and take action.

Acquisition forecasting

“What’s the forecast of new users joining my service in the coming months?”

Financial forecasting

“What’s the forecast for my service’s revenue, ARPU, and CLTV in the upcoming months?”

Consumer activity forecasting

“What’s my service’s forecast of consumer usage over the next few months?”

Consumer cancelations forecasting

“What’s the forecast for service cancelations in the upcoming months?"

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