Jump attends Streaming Media West — November 19-20, 2019

The Streaming Media West 2019 Conference is the largest and most successful industry event in the world. For the past 20 years, any professional dedicated to the world of digital media, technology, and video has been able to attend interesting seminars that serve not only as a source of ideas, but as a place to network with other entrepreneurs and to answer questions related to innovations in the sector and much more.

This year JumpTV will attend Streaming Media West 2019 in order to both broaden our knowledge base and create alliances with other professionals who, like us, are dedicated to the video industry. With our participation, we hope to contribute the fruits of our experience — what we’ve learned and what we’ve built — because it is our mission to help industry players to maximize return on investment (ROI), helping them make better decisions thanks to big data and artificial intelligence.

Each year, there are more and more attendees at the Streaming Media West conference; this fantastic event represents a great opportunity, which is why today we are looking forward to discovering more about the program, the venue, the speakers we will meet, and the best way to participate in this eagerly awaited event.

The Streaming Media West Program

This year, the Streaming Media West 2019 conference will take place on November 19th and 20th. Over the course of these two days, attendees will be able to meet other entrepreneurs with whom they can share ideas, exchange knowledge about innovations in the sector, and discuss useful strategies relevant to the video industry.

On Tuesday, November 19th, Streaming Media West 2019 will kick off at 10:00am with the first day coming to a close at 4:30pm. On Wednesday, November 20th, the event will again get underway at 10 in the morning, but will close a bit earlier, at 3pm.

There are numerous seminars and courses we will be able to attend at the Streaming Media West 2019. We can choose those events that are of most interest to us so that we can make the most out of the two-day event. The following is just a sampling of the sessions open to us:

  • How to use the CMAF (common media application format) in order to distribute segmented multimedia content, and its advantages, in addition to different transmission tools that might be interesting to use outside the platform.
  • Video machine learning solutions for its personalization and to learn specific concepts about this tool.
  • Ways to be flexible without compromising transmission quality. In addition, there will be an introduction on how to exploit Kubernetes containers for the media industry.
  • Workshops on video and tools giving a practical approach to learning and addressing topics like making the most from your video, ways to monetize content, and how to increase the efficiency of marketing activities.

These are just a handful of the sessions that we will be able to attend at Streaming Media West 2019. All the events are related to the video and digital media industries; thus the event represents a great opportunity for JumpTV; these are precisely the markets we are dedicated to.

Keynote Speakers

The Streaming Media West 2019 conference will showcase both speakers who are leaders in the video industry and the technology that has supported their successful ventures. Some of the speakers include Kiran Paranjpe (head of alliances at Google), Roger Pantos (chief engineer for Apple’s media transmission team), and Gulliver Smithers (senior vice president of products and technology at Sony Pictures).

Obviously, we are talking about people who work for well-known brands and hold senior positions related to digital media. Their experience, as well as all the industry updates and top tips they might provide will be invaluable for everyone who works in the video industry attending Streaming Media West 2019.

The Streaming Media West Venue

The Streaming Media West 2019 conference will be held on the previously mentioned dates in Los Angeles, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. All the conference activities will take place under the same roof; thus, participants and speakers alike can avoid a commute by staying at the hotel, thus making the most of their time.

Given how well-attended Streaming Media West 2019 will be, reservations will be required. The price of entry depends on the type of participant pass you would like (complete access, workshops only, etc.) ranging from approximately €100 up to €1000.

Streaming Media West 2019 offers much more than knowledge building; it also provides an unparalleled opportunity to create partnerships and network with people who currently work with leading brands like Apple, Google, and Sony.

This is an event that each year attracts thousands of people from the video industry and in related technologies. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that JumpTV is a keen participant in Streaming Media West 2019. We look forward to talking about our experience and involvement in the industry and establishing relationships with industry players, helping us achieve even greater growth.