Accedo helps the world’s leading video service providers deliver and grow engaging video experiences. We provide a combination of the products and services needed to support our customers at every stage of the video business journey, from strategy and conception through to delivery and post-launch optimization.

The first unified cloud platform that lets you rapidly build, launch and grow your own streaming business, without compromising on what makes your service uniquely yours.

Accedo offers a wide range of different solutions in their marketplace, Accedo One, where Jump´s solutions are integrated and one of them, -Jump Recommender solution is been offered as a default tool.

A powerful SaaS platform for building and growing impactful video services.

How Accedo helps your business:​


Design and manage a uniquely branded video business across all leading consumer platforms.


Get your video service to market fast with a product that reduces the complexities of execution.


Expand your service by integrating new features based on what your customers want and need.

How Accedo can help grow your video business​

Flexible Designs:

Gain access to premium native apps and customizable UX experiences that you can style and configure to create a video service that is unique to your brand.

Partner Marketplace:

Take advantage of a marketplace ecosystem consisting of a wide range of expert vendors that can be easily integrated as your service evolves.

Business Insights:

Benefit from an aggregated display of service analytics that help you make better decisions and optimize performance based on user behavior and preferences.

Visual Editor: 

Work with a visual editor that brings new levels of ease to content curation and UI management, allowing you to safely and quickly roll out changes to live services.

Smarter Pricing

Be sure to only pay for what you need with our adaptable product editions and pricing model that allow you to scale up and down as the needs of your business evolve.

Proffessional services​

Their global team has a deep understanding of the video services ecosystem, and work closely with you to design and build truly bespoke video services that ensure a competitive edge over time.

Strategic Advisory:

Whether bringing a new service to market or enhancing an existing offering, their industry experts will advise you on the latest trends, best practice architecture and emerging technologies, then work with you on translating ideas into action.

Innovative UX:

Their team of UX and creative design specialists take time to fully immerse themselves in your brand and vision, then work closely with you to create a multi-platform experience that delights users while meeting the overarching needs of your business.

Global Expertise

With thousands of successful customer deployments, their global team of service specialists has developed a delivery framework that leverages expert engineering and trusted quality assurance to ensure long-term excellence and reliability.

Smarter Pricing

Be sure to only pay for what you need with our adaptable product editions and pricing model that allow you to scale up and down as the needs of your business evolve.

Managed services​

Their teams own the day-to-day management of your video service, offering constant and reliable support while serving as a dedicated hub for the full span of integrated vendors.

24/7 Support

Their experienced teams provide around-the-clock support, 365 days per year, from offices around the world. They take an always-on approach to service management, ensuring that your video service stays available – no matter the occasion or time of day.

Proactive Optimization

Their teams leverage state of the art tools and processes to proactively monitor and mitigate system anomalies and failures ahead of impact. They then use these insights to optimize the performance and infrastructure of your video service.

Reliability & Scalability

They work closely with multiple cloud providers to offer secure, scalable and reliable hosting solutions for video services of all shapes and sizes. We also provide infrastructure support on live events, ensuring continuity of service at peak times.


They help you build the video use cases of tomorrow

Bringing together expert thought-leadership and diverse technologies to deliver next-generation solutions.

Innovation is at the core of everything they do. They are in a perfect position to help you rethink and optimize business processes and operations, leveraging our extensive global experience that spans a wide range of industries and markets. Their dedicated Innovation team can work with you on identifying and implementing new emerging technologies into your service, ensuring that you keep a competitive edge over time.

Extended Reality

Immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) open up new ways to engage viewers with experiences that offer true realism and immersion.

Machine Learning

Through the application of machine learning, AI can be trained to recognize relevant content, tag it appropriately, and deliver it to viewers within a matter of seconds.


The rollout of 5G will significantly alter media consumption, with low latency and high bandwidth networks enabling new use cases and enhanced user experiences.

Partnering to Innovate

They partner with some of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the media and technology industry, bringing together diverse technologies and expert thought-leadership from across the video service ecosystem. As a result, they are able to deliver truly innovative solutions that help bring the power of video to new use cases and verticals.

Specialist Partners

They collaborate with a range of specialist companies on bringing together the varying expertise and capabilities needed to deliver highly competitive video experiences.

Technology Partners

Their technology partners use open APIs to integrate into our Accedo One cloud platform, giving you the tools needed to continuously evolve your video service.

Solutions Partners

They join forces with industry-leading vendors from across the video ecosystem, working together to launch end-to-end solutions that get your service to market fast.

Next-Generations Solutions

They take a 360-degree approach to solution development, incorporating the end-user experience, our customers’ business innovation, and the varying expertise of our partners. This enables us to offer market-centric solutions that serve a wide range of business needs, whether you are looking to quickly launch a new service to market or want to work with us on a whole new strategy to engage your users in the long-run.

Accedo E2E

From a powerful SaaS offering to dedicated managed service, they offer a range of turnkey solutions that enable you to launch and monetize impactful video experiences without having to worry about the complexities of operations.

Accedo Engage

Their data-driven solutions help accelerate your acquisition and retention strategies by giving you an automated path to target users with personalized content, as well as to optimize your video service based on real user insights.

Accedo XR

They offer bespoke solutions that prepare your organization as well as your service’s end-users for the next generation of video experiences, incorporating new innovations while keeping a close eye at your unique business case.