Agnoplay offers a fully agnostic, cloud-based player solution that enables seamless implementation, deployment, and maintenance for video on demand, live streaming, and audio. Their solution allows you to easily scale up with multiple player, front- and backends. That way you can move quickly along with the growth of your business.

How Agnoplay saves time and costs

Scale fast, switch easily

Configuring new players with Agnoplay is just a matter of minutes. And switching between CDNs or third-party integrations can be done on-the-fly.

Enjoy Live Studio

With Agnoplay Live Studio any live stream can be created quickly and effortlessly, so publishing a live stream is just a matter of seconds.

Relieving developers

Agnoplay offers a solution which has been created by developers for developers, taking away the hassle of maintaining a player. Agnoplay will reduce the operational effort needed, hence developers can focus on the things that really matter.

Seamless integrations

Enabling 3rd party integrations like JUMP Data-Driven Video is only a matter of minutes with the solution offered by Agnoplay.

The most scalable player solution for online video and audio

Video on Demand

With Agnoplay any on demand video can be played. Either if it concerns HLS, MP4 or MPEG DASH… Agnoplay just serves it all.



Agnoplay provides an audio version of the player, facilitating the streaming of podcasts and any other audio files. AAC and MP3 are both being supported.


Live Streaming

Also live streaming is being supported. Both HLS and RTMP will be streaming seaminglessly through Agnoplay. Including DVR playback if available on the CDN.


Agnoplay has native SDKs for web, iOS and Android. More information about Agnoplay can be found on their website: