JUMP powers Vivoplay with actionable video insights and machine learning

Buenos Aires,  June 15th, 2017.

JUMP powers Vivoplay with actionable video insights and machine learning.

Today Vivoplay announced the integration of JUMP insights platform into their OTT service.

Together JUMP and VIVOPLAY will build the first next-gen video service in the Latin American region using cutting edge Big data and machine learning technology to take data driven decisions, monitoring how content is being consumed across devices, understand who its users are and what they will do on their video service.

Vivoplay managers will have access to JUMP one-stop shop data insights platform where they can view their most relevant video business performance indicators and have better understanding about their video service discovery, acquisition, content performance, consumption, QoE and overall service satisfaction while visualizing and action on this critical data.

Additional advanced analysis,  based on machine-learning technology, will be available for Churn prediction, user clustering, trial to paying predictions

VIVOPLAY is the first Hispanic OTT in aggregate exclusively the most relevant content from LATAM to hispanics around the world. They have reach more than 325K registred users up to date.

“We truly believe that working together VIVOPLAY will transform its video service as we know it and will drive their video business to the next level of evolution in the video industry.  By providing a holistic business data view to Vivoplay managers they will be able to make data actionable and this will impact ROI as never.” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and cofounder of the Jump.

“VIVOplay is a data driven company, we are always seeking new tools and processes that let us mine that data, we love to learn from our users to improve our services and customer experience” says Nelson Hulett CMO of VIVOPLAY.

“VIVOPLAY will take competitive advantage adding JUMP data-as-a-service insights Platform as an advance business intelligence and predictive analytics module, it makes Vivoplay to understand how, at the end of the day, ‘good data driven decisions’ equates to ‘good dollars’.” states Jesús Herrero, Jump CRO and cofounder.

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VIVOplay  has become the hub for Hispanic content in the world. They already stream more than 25 live channels from the most relevant networks in the region and has a  extended VOD library with Hispanic content exclusively.  As original content, they are producing programming focus in news since they start, back in 2014.  For more info visit www.vivoplay.net

About Jump

Jump was founded in early 2016 by three video industry experts that have more than 30 years of combined experience in the OTT ecosystem. Having worked in a variety of video related companies like Nokia, Telefónica, Accedo and 24i, they have the accumulated expertise and first-hand knowledge of successfully launched international services such as Fox, HBO, Telefónica, Viacom, and RTL, to name a few.

Jump offers a Data as a Service Insights Platform that offers three integrated modules:

  • Jump Insights: Business intelligence for your video service through video-industry specific analysis and pre built KPIs
  • Jump Predictions:  Churn prediction, user clustering, trial to paying predictions and other advanced data analysis based on machine-learning technology
  • Jump A/B: Multi-device A/B testing for conversion-oriented product development

For more information visit https://www.jumpdatadriven.com