JUMP releases a Data-Driven UX solution based on AI analytics

Madrid, September 4th, 2018

JUMP announced today the commercial release of the Jump Data-Driven UX solution.

The JUMP Data-Driven UX solution equips video service providers with an intelligent and dynamic process that enriches the user experience.

Customers using this solution alongside a dynamic video experience management platform, such as Accedo One, can benefit from automatic UX changes based on customer data analysis and according to a defined set of KPIs.

JUMP customers will now be able to leverage their customer data to provide a data-driven dynamic user experience, thereby enhancing the personalization service they offer their customers, which in turn will improve engagement and retention levels, thus benefiting the video service’s ROI.

“Today end users’ expectations for an enjoyable user experience include a high level of personalization. Video services generate more data than ever before that could be used to personalize their service. Unfortunately, most video providers face challenges when it comes to turning data into valuable insights and using it to fuel innovative ways to meet these end-user expectations.” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and co-founder of the Jump  “Our data-driven UX solution, hand in hand with our leading partners, helps video service providers address this specific challenge and provide a high-performing and personalized user experience that leads to an overall increase in ROI.”

JUMP will showcase its Data-driven UX solution with Accedo at IBC (September 13th – 18th, Amsterdam).  Schedule a meeting here

Please join us on Monday, September 10th for a webinar titled, ‘The Data-Driven Video Service User Experience’. Reserve your spot here

About Jump

JUMP is a business analytics solution that helps video service providers gain valuable insights about their audience and content performance, predict churn to retain users, identify the clusters that video users belong to, and personalize the video experience through data. Jump is built on the foundations of cutting-edge Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology customized for the video industry.

JUMP was founded in 2016 by cofounders Jerónimo Macanás, Jesús Herrero, and John Pater who have each been working in the TV and video industry for more than a decade.

Our vision is that data and its effective use will be the new competitive advantage in the next phase of the video industry. Nowadays only the big players like Netflix, Amazon and Google use cutting-edge data technologies to compete in the video market, to retain customers and increase revenues. We aim to change this.

For more information visit web-stg.jumptvs.com

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