JUMP releases SIMILARITY, an audience clustering tool for video service providers

Today JUMP announced the launch of JUMP SIMILARITY™  as part of a new release of their Data-Driven video product portfolio.

JUMP have built the first next-gen audience clustering tool using cutting-edge Big Data and machine learning technologies to identify groups in the audience that represent aggregations of users with similarities.

JUMP customers now have access to JUMP’s SIMILARITY™ module where they can automatically identify relevant user clusters for service personalization, targeted marketing activities, etc. thereby having a significant impact on their video service business outcomes.

“We truly believe that deep user knowledge will transform video services as we know it, and machine learning will push video business to the next level in the industry’s evolution.  By providing our customers with this cutting-edge easy-to-use automatic tool, video managers are now able to make audience data much more actionable and this will impact ROI as never before,” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO, and co-founder of the JUMP. “Today we are processing high volumes of data on a daily basis from more than 8MM video users in 20 countries around the world in mere hours providing our customers access to highly valuable, previously unfathomable insights about their video consumers’ behavior.”

“We are committed to making our customers successful in their video business using data”

Download our new paper about “Audience Clustering for Video Services” here

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About JUMP

JUMP was founded in early 2016 by video industry experts that have more than 30 years of combined experience in the OTT ecosystem. Having worked in a variety of video related companies like Nokia, Telefónica, Accedo, and 24i, they have the accumulated expertise and first-hand knowledge of successfully launched international services such as Fox, HBO, Telefónica, Viacom, and RTL, to name a few.

JUMP provides a Data-Driven Video Insights Platform that offers three integrated modules:

  • JUMP Insights™  – Business intelligence and insights for your video service through video-industry specific analysis and prebuilt KPIs.
  • JUMP Advance™  – Churn prediction, user clustering and other advanced data analysis based on machine-learning technology.
  • JUMP Impact™ – Multichannel marketing automation and conversion oriented product development for your video service.

For more information visit https://www.jumpdatadriven.com