JUMP TV Solutions™ launches a “Data-as-a-Service” Platform for OTT Video Providers

JUMP TV Solutions™ launches a “Data-as-a-Service” platform for OTT video providers.

Jump TV Solutions™ launches a Dat-as-a-Service platform to help OTT video services’ managers make faster, informed decisions based on actionable data insights, experimentation, and prediction algorithms.

MADRID, SPAIN, February 2nd, 2017 –  Jump TV joins the Over the Top (OTT) TV industry with a clear mission: help companies maximize their ROI by optimizing their business decisions using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

fence_jump_logoJump TV was founded in early 2016 by three video industry experts that have more than 30 years of combined experience in the OTT ecosystem. Having worked in a variety of video related companies like Nokia, Telefónica, Accedo and 24i, they have the accumulated expertise and first-hand knowledge of successfully launched international services such as Fox, HBO, Telefónica, Viacom, and RTL, to name a few.

“Nowadays only companies like Netflix, Amazon or Google use cutting-edge data technologies to compete in the video market, to retain customers and increase revenues. Data is the competitive advantage in the next phase of the OTT video industry evolution, and we want to democratize these technologies by making a cost-effective, cloud-based Data as a Service platform available to all of the OTT market players.” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and cofounder of the company.

“There are a lot of large, unstructured data sets generated by OTT video services today, and OTT providers are not taking advantage of the potential benefits at all. Fortunately, computing and processing improvements for large data sets have occurred over the last few years and, together with a lower processing costs, make the perfect storm for enabling cloud-based technologies using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.” says John Pater CTO and cofounder.

“During my years of involvement creating OTT applications for media groups and telcos, I identified a huge gap, like a big black hole, in the decision-making information related to the user experience, business models, payment methods, which content will be in higher demand, or which type of user will become a heavy user. At Jump Technologies, we provide cutting-edge techniques to fill this gap, which will help decision-makers improve results by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence algorithms” says Jesús Herrero, COO and cofounder of the company.

Jump launches a Data as a Service Platform that offers four integrated modules:

  • Jump Insights: Analyze your OTT Business through video-industry specific KPI dashboards.
  • Jump Conversion : Run A/B and Multivariate experiments for increasing conversion and reduce churn.
  • Jump AI (Artificial Intelligence): Use Artificial Intelligence to predict churn or identify and categorize opinions expressed in social media or Appstore about your OTT Service
  • Jump Engagement:  Enable real-time video content shared-watching while chatting between your OTT  users

“These modules have been created to solve different business objectives, but, together they provide a complete and holistic ‘Big Data journey’ for our customers, helping them make the right decisions at the speed demanded by the current OTT market.” says Jerónimo Macanás.

If your OTT brand is struggling with churn, if you want to increase your subscriber base, want to convert more adds into purchases, want to improve recommended content, or just want to create a better user experience, JUMP is definitely the Data as a Service platform that will facilitate the transformation of your OTT service into a next-gen OTT service.

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