Reducing OTT Churn & Machine Learning. Why you should try it?

Increasing SVOD competition and slowing OTT market growth will make customer acquisition a more challenging, and expensive, proposition for OTT services.
As it becomes harder to win new customers, it becomes even more important to retain those customers you already have.
Customer churn is a growth decelerator and has a significant impact on your business profitability.

There are good reasons you should use machine learning to predict SVOD churn. Today’s advances in Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow video service providers to build and automatically run more accurate churn prediction models, which predict future churn based on past churn.
With more and more input from your video users’ behavior, JUMP’s machine learning algorithms become more intelligent and can target high- risk customers for retention.

Now it’s possible to build vertical SVOD machine learning models specifically designed and implemented for the video industry, which means you will identify not just subscriber clusters with a high risk of churn but also the main causes for such churn, and consequently, you will be able to take steps to reduce it

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