Some AVOD examples: Most viewed in the US.

The world of video on demand transmission services with advertising (AVOD), continues to have a positive growth after 2020. In the US alone it has over 200 million consumers, making it the second largest market in the world after India.

Likewise, analysts predict that this market will continue to grow rapidly until 2025. And as it’s important to know which AVOD platforms are preferred by the public, in this article we will show you some of the most popular AVODs in the US.


The top AVOD services in the US

Many analysts believe that AVOD services will become the new TV. Many platforms are improving the quality of their content, and some  large companies are already evaluating agreements and updates to their SVOD platforms to adjust to this market. Let’s take a look at some of these AVOD services.


Comcast Peacock

NBC Universal launched this AVOD platform on July 15, 2020 and it already has more than 54 million subscribers. It has an extensive catalog of movies and series for the US and is also offering original content.


The Roku Channel

Roku’s AVOD platform is fed by licencing agreements with major Hollywood studios such as Sony Pictures, MGM, Liongaste and Warner Bros. It has been expanding beyond the United States and arrived in Europe last year.


Since its launch, Roku Channel has tripled the number of active accounts using its TV devices. In fact, in 2020 Roku Channel viewers grew more than 100%, while active Roku accounts increased only 39% during that year. The Roku Channel includes a section for “children and family” in its programming, which has a wide selection of classic titles, such as Inspector Gadget, Teletubbies, Bold the Builder, among others.


Pluto TV

One of the first AVOD platforms to capture the attention of the American public, it has grown in monthly active users this year by 80% globally and 34% in the US alone. Its Freemiun service combines live television with content on demand. Viacom, which owns Pluto TV, has an impressive collection of more than 250 channels and thousands of movies available for free. In 2020 it shook the market with a bold new interface that makes it easy to play its content.



Fox acquired this AVOD platform in 2020 for 440 million dollars. It quickly began to expand internationally,and that same year it reached more than 33 million monthly active users, increasing its audience by 58% compared to the previous year. Tubi has more than 23,000 movies and TV shows, plus an exclusive Spanish-language movie site available on Roku devices for the US.


IMDb TV from Amazon

This AVOD service is available in the US and offers a catalog of digital movies and series for free. Launched in 2019, IMDb TV is seeking to expand its video offering. Amazon stated in February 2021 that it has around 55 million active users for its ad-supported content.


AVOD services have the ability to reach a new audience using a different concept. As these services grow, we are sure to see improvement in the content they offer.