Turning Data into Actionable Insights: How to Improve Your Cloud TV Service KPIs

Turning Data into Actionable Insights: How to Improve Your Cloud TV Service KPIs

As streaming has become the new way to watch TV, it has fundamentally revolutionized consumer expectations and content consumption habits.
Now, more than ever, it is essential for TV services to leverage the growing amounts of data they generate if they are to stay in the game and deliver compelling experiences.

Taking control of your data means taking your video business on the next step of growth. To take this step you will have to acknowledge the specific streaming challenges every broadcaster and operator faces in addition to identifying how they really use their data, the gaps in the data driven strategy, and what are realistic, achievable goals.

Fortunately, there are platforms specifically designed to manipulate data so that you can better understand your business performance. You can then select the right metrics to track, which in turn will lead to resource optimization and an improved and personalized customer journey. All of this will help you get to market faster, capture viewers in any market, and increase revenues.
In addition, the added insight you get from your data will help improve your offering. You will have a better understanding of your audience clusters so you can provide individualized content and personalized recommendations based on taste, consumption habits, demographic, and even their particular behavior when using your service.

Demand for content via streaming is growing exponentially; you need to take advantage of this growth opportunity!

Learn how in our webinar where we discussed:

– What data is a must in order to deliver a better TV offering
– What actionable insights can be gleaned from data
– How to create a data-driven user experience

Whether you are implementing a data strategy to boost loyalty and reduce churn, or are simply eager to get the data ball rolling, you should join us in this discussion, with two industry leaders: one from Jump Data Driven Video and the other from Kaltura. They will share their expertise on the benefits you can achieve by defining and deploying the right data strategy for your business.

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