Using data to improve engagement and user experience in the OTT sports ecosystem

Premium User Engagement is the future of interaction with subscribers across the lifecycle to drive loyalty and growth and using data to improve engagement and user experience in the OTT sports has become essential, in the sports industry, with the return of live sports to our screens, evidence suggests that over the last year, sports lovers have found new ways to watch.

Sports and esports fans are the most demanding viewers, and OTT is radically changing how sports content is delivered and viewed. So it’s essential to stay on top of all of the features that put control into the viewers’ hands. In this blogpost, we will try to show you what you need to know to up your sports and esports streaming game and brand best practices to create real-time engagement with subscribers thanks to AI and ML.

The Sports Ecosystem’s consumption habits are changing

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of the Sports ecosystem. Leagues and federations have been seeking new ways to engage with fans who can’t access the stadiums. Many sports clubs are re-negotiating their distribution rights, looking for new income sources and expanding to different channels such as e-sports. In the United States, MLB is now urging its regional sports networks to explore direct-to-customer possibilities for local fans, and on a more global scale, motorsport is moving online and Formula 1 is redefining itself. So one question that arises in the post-pandemic world is how large sports properties can best plan their long-term strategy. 

New solutions like Accedo for sports have arisen in the market to address these new needs and help sports organisations face the key challenges of this new landscape. We at Jump offer in this product the best in class analytics solution because we know that effective data management is key when it comes to offering the best possible experience to sports fans and for OTT Sports companies to take the most out of their investment, retain their users by offering them exactly what they want to watch at every specific time and Increase their content consumption.

As we mentioned before, subscriber numbers and engagement are on the rise, even more so than many would have predicted a few months ago. But the game is about to get much more challenging, with the end of the pandemic now plausibly in sight and people taking up their new-normal lives with less time to spend in front of the TV. As a result, all services risk increased churn, and to get ahead of subscriber loss and maintain the recent surge in 

share gains, OTT services need to target their newest subscribers now and tailor retention tactics according to their preferences, consumption habits and behaviours in order to offer users the most personalised experience possible. 

Jump can help you understand your user base consumption habits, profile your sports fans to predict if they will use your service in the coming months, get a handle on the variables that make them use your SVOD service, create actionable insights to launch personalised marketing and promotional campaigns directed at every specific user segment and track the performance of each activity. What’s more, you’ll have all of the information you need in a user-friendly dashboard that unifies the most important KPIs to reduce SVOD churn by as much as 30%.

Take a look at this infographic to learn how to effectively manage your SVOD service’s churn.