Effortless AI technology for media and entertainment

Effortless AI technology for media and entertainment


Accedo (Bleuenn Le Goffic, Head of Innovation & Business Development),

JUMP (Cristóbal Ortega, COO at Jump),

Mux (Cyril Duprat, Director of Strategic Accounts)

Moderator: Antonio Calderón from Streann

The concept of “personalization” in marketing is such a buzzword. Everybody wants a custom version of everything, and for video services this doesn´t change, users want to get recommendations specially tailored according to their specific tastes, watching habits and even adapted to their mood. When dealing with customers, you can take it a step further by learning from your customers past experiences at your service and offer them exactly what they want to watch at each moment. 

Personalization can help you take your video service to the next step and  increase both revenue and customer base by optimizing your audience segmentation and targeting and increasing your marketing activities performance.

Today, personalization is more important than ever, learn in this panel how AI can help you automate and implement your personalization strategy with almost no effort(s)!