In data-driven processing, a certain amount of data is accumulated and managed to produce meaningful information. Do you want to know more about this concept? We’ll tell you everything you need to know below.

What is data-driven processing all about?

Data refers to a set of facts that can then be translated into useful information. The process of transforming data into information is what is known as “processing”.

The data must first be converted to a machine-readable format before it can be processed by a computer. Once it is transformed into a digital format, several things can be done to the data to obtain useful information.

Data processing is totally different from data conversion, which involves changing data to another format and does not involve treating the data. During processing, the raw data is used both as input to generate information and as output.

What are the different stages of data processing?

Data processing can be divided into different stages. These are known as:

Data Collection

This is the first step in the data processing. The data is obtained from the different available sources, including data warehouses and text files.

Importantly, the available data sources must be reliable, and well-constructed so that the data collected is of the highest possible quality.

Data Preparation

Once the data is collected, it will enter the data preparation stage. Also known as pre-processing, at this stage, the raw data is cleaned and organized for the next stage. It
is checked for any errors. The goal is to weed out the bad data and start creating quality data for better business intelligence.

Data Entry

The clean data is then entered at its destination and translated into an understandable language. Data entry is the first stage where raw data begins to take shape as useful information.


This is when the entered data is processed for interpretation. This can be done using data filtering, analysis and visualization techniques.

Data Interpretation

Also known as the output stage, this is when the data finally becomes usable. The data is translated, and can be read and organized into information graphs.

Data processing is crucial for companies to turn their data into useful information for future projects.

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