Why Audience Clustering in Video Services is crucial for success?

Clustering data science techniques can be used to identify groups of users based on behavioural similarities

One of the biggest challenges a video service provider has in this day and age is how to effectively deploy user personalization across their video service.

Understanding user behaviour relationships across the customer base and clustering them for personalization purposes is not at all straightforward.

Identifying relevant user clusters for service personalization and targeted marketing activities can have a significant impact on your business outcomes.

The key to addressing this challenge is to identify user data groups aggregated by similarities.

  • “What are my customers watching?”
  • “How long do my customers use my service?”
  • “To what extent do my customers enjoy the content they watch?”
  • “Where is my content being watched?”
  • “How often are people binge-watching?”
  • “How is Live TV watched?”