Data-driven Content Intelligence: How to Make the Most of Your Video Service Catalog

Content is KING! Yes, it is, but every king needs to rule his kingdom wisely to have a prosperous and long-lasting reign. This is where Data-driven Content Intelligence comes into play. A content catalog is not very different: how a video service “rules” (manages) its catalog can make the difference between a successful video service and a mediocre one.

Content is a fundamental pillar for any video service, and its consumption is the end goal for users looking for an entertainment experience. Efficiently managing the different dimensions related to content consumption is a mandatory undertaking for any video distribution service that wants to succeed.

Only with effective, data-driven management can the following critical questions be answered quickly and accurately.

  • Which content attracts the most viewers to my service?
  • How can I simplify content search and discovery for my customers?
  • Which content is the worst performing?
  • Is my user experience aligned with viewer content demand?
  • Do I have the content catalog that my viewers want?

Throughout this white paper, we will propose some ideas about how to use a data-driven approach to effectively answer these questions and more.