How Sports Platforms Use Live Streaming

Live streaming is a trend that has been growing over the years and promises to make a mark on the future of the audiovisual market. The surge of new technologies and devices has made it more possible for us to enjoy greater choice of entertainment, topical and sports programming thanks to live streaming. How are specific sports platforms using this technology? Let’s take a closer look.

Soccer (football), the Grand Prix, basketball, wrestling and boxing, bit by bit every sport has begun to surrender itself to the appeal of streaming. A marriage that, for many, was only a question of time. On one hand, thanks to the streaming boom — unstoppable across the globe and reaching its highest European market penetration rates in 2019 — and on the other hand, thanks to the world of sports which generates huge audience demand for content.

In light of the results, streaming platforms for sports are positioned as some of the most successful in the sector. We all know that sports events move the masses, but streaming has helped them enjoy it more directly, more interactively, and in a more functional way.

DAZN, the Netflix of sports

After its meteoric success in the US, DAZN recently arrived in Europe; and it already boasts an extremely positive forecast.  DAZN is an on-demand sports streaming service that has received a warm welcome largely based on the large variety of content it offers. Known as the Netflix of sports, it costs less than HBO and only offers sports-related re-broadcasts of sporting events like soccer, boxing, tennis, snooker, United Fighting Championship (UFC), and motorcycle racing, a lot of motorcycle racing! In fact, this platform exclusively streams 2019 MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, MotoE·, WorldSBK, WorldSSP, and WRC. No permanent contract required for this streaming sports channel, which allows up to five devices to be used at the same time on a single account. Another important sport on DAZN is UFC, where major boxing events like Matchroom Boxing and Golden Boy can be watched.

Movistar+, in the heat of Formula 1

This service has always been well positioned to come out the winner. In addition to the other kinds of content it offers, sporting events are one of the most important jewels in the Movistar+ crown. They also have the exclusive rights to rebroadcast Formula 1 in countries like Spain. It also includes other major circuits of the tournament such as Albert Park, Sakhir, Shanghai, Baku City, Monte Carlo, Red Bull Ring, Sochi, Silverstone, Monza, and Suzuka.

In addition to Formula 1, Movistar+ gives special importance to another of its bastions: it is the streaming platform rightsholder for the NBA on its sports channel. It is worth mentioning that this channel broadcasts Generation NBA+ which airs reports, analysis, and interviews related to the world of basketball. 

NBA League Pass, NBA Live streaming

But, watch out (no pun intended)! You can also watch all the NBA streamed through the NBA League Pass service and its three different packages. On one hand, NBA League Pass International offers all the games of the regular season and the playoffs, some 1,200 games per year. Then there is NBA Team Choice, the ideal option if you only want to follow one of the 30 teams and watch all their games. Finally, NBA Game Choice allows viewers to watch two on-demand games a week.

BeIN Sports, the soccer (football) specialist

This paid streaming service has an important presence in different countries around the world. Although it began to air in France and the United States, it has ended up showing content across almost all of Europe. beIN Sports’ content is almost a football / soccer specialization. Other competitions like Champion’s League, Europe League, the Youth League, Copa Libertadores, and the World Cup can also be seen.

One thing is clear: the increasingly notable change in how content is consumed has caused digital platforms to gain added value for their brands, products, and services. Sports platforms have thus found new approaches for airing their products and achieving the relevance they deserve. A match — streaming and sports — that still has a lot to offer.