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Personalized Discovery and Promotion

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This pioneering suite of products integrates the latest Generative AI technology, set to transform your video services by revolutionizing content discovery, promotion, and creation.
Production of captivating promotional materials featuring life like avatars, streamlining the way content creators and streaming services connect with audiences.
Here is an example created using our product, InfiniAvatar. Watch how the personalized avatar effectively promotes the Manchester City streaming platform.
Take a look at another example created with InfiniAvatar. This video features the personalized avatar showcasing the February highlights on the Fox Sports streaming platform.


Advanced Technology Integration

Utilizes Cutting-Edge Gen technology for creating lifelike avatars, innovating in promotional content creation and distribution, and offering a unique approach to engage audiences.

Personalized Audience Engagement

Streamlines connection with audiences through a personalized and interactive approach, transforming the conventional content promotion into a more effective and engaging experience.

Enriching Content Narratives

Highlights important narratives on individual growth, community bonds, cultural harmony, and environmental stewardship, deepening the impact and resonance of promotional materials.

Language and Global Reach

Break language barriers with multilingual avatars, expanding global reach and making content more accessible and attractive to a worldwide audience.

Comprehensive Managed Service

Offers a fully managed service from content creation to distribution, enabling businesses to focus on strategic growth and operational excellence.

DreamStream was born from the idea that every viewer deserves a unique, personalized streaming experience.
DreamStream leverages the latest in Generative AI technology to drastically reduce time-to-production costs while increasing the options to adapt content to individual preferences and trends.


Generative AI at Its Core

Utilizing cutting-edge AI to generate engaging and diverse video content.

Content Creation & Adaptation

From Data & Interest to screen, DreamStream assists in creating original content and adapting existing content to suit different audiences or platforms.

In-Content Personalization

DreamStream tailors content attributes like language, characters, locations, etc to match their preferences for a truly personalized experience.

Viva Madrid

Viva Madrid TV, powered by artificial intelligence, delivers engaging and high-quality content in your language, showcasing Madrid’s rich culture, history, and attractions. As a FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channel, Viva Madrid TV brings the vibrant spirit of Spain’s capital to you, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. Join us and discover Madrid like never before.

High Notes & Low Beats: "First Chords - Alex's Quest"

Dive into the heart of San Francisco’s vibrant music scene with the premiere episode of “High Notes & Low Beats” – “First Chords – Alex’s Quest.” Join our diverse band of high schoolers as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, unity, and musical exploration.

MikeMac and the Toothbrush Adventure

Mike Mac invites kids on an exciting adventure to learn about brushing their teeth in a way that’s both enjoyable and memorable. This short, animated video is perfect for young viewers, making dental hygiene a joyful part of their daily routine.