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JumpPulse is the specialized video streaming marketing agency of Jump Data-Driven-Video, the leading unified analytics and personalization SaaS platform for the video streaming industry.

We leverage the power of data generated by streaming services to optimize marketing efforts, and maximize ROI.


Our services are designed to optimize every stage of the viewer’s journey, turning passive viewers into engaged users and loyal ambassadors for your video brand.

By enhancing each stage of the user journey, we ensure your video streaming service not only attracts viewers, but engages and retains them.


We conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, ingesting and analyzing customer data, to craft strategic campaigns that enhance visibility and capture the attention of potential viewers.

Our data-driven approach ensures that your video streaming service is prominently placed on the radar, increasing brand recognition and attracting a wider audience.

We craft strategic campaigns to increase visibility and draw attention to your video streaming service, placing your video brand on the radar of potential viewers.

+85% Increase in Hours Watched

We develop enticing incentives and streamline the sign-up process to convert consideration into action, driving user acquisitions.

+105% Increase in the Number of Users

We design engaging onboarding experiences that make first-time users feel welcome and informed, priming them for ongoing engagement.

+40% Increase in Trial Conversion Rate

Through personalized recommendations and engaging user experiences, we ensure viewers are continually discovering and enjoying content, boosting platform usage.

+40% Increase in Activated Users

We implement retention strategies that foster user loyalty, maintaining the interest of your audience over time and minimizing churn.

+70% Increase in Playbacks

Finally, we create brand ambassador programs that turn satisfied users into vocal advocates, expanding your reach through word-of-mouth marketing.
The JumpPulse Advantage

Data-Driven Understanding

We collect and harmonize data to gain a comprehensive understanding of audience behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns.

Deep Audience Segmentation

We identify and analyze nuanced audience groups, tailoring campaigns to resonate with each segment for increased effectiveness.

AI-Powered Personalization

Our campaigns are fully personalized to individuals, ensuring relevance and optimizing engagement. Our AI algorithms continuously learn and adapt in real-time for optimal performance.

Industry Expertise

With vast experience partnering with top global video brands, our team possesses deep industry knowledge. We leverage this expertise to enhance your organization with proven strategies for success.

This approach maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing budget, delivering exceptional ROI.