Improve the Quality of Experience to better retain and engage your audience

Video Quality Assesment

Understand Errors Roots

Identify How to Fix It


JUMP QoE is an analytics tool to improve the viewers quality of experience to better retain and engage them. Creating unique experiences and taking care of the users’ journey is essential to increase their consumption. But, to engage and retain the current audience, the quality of the video streaming experience is key.

Playback experience: it focuses on whether a video played back successfully.

  • Playback failure (%)
  • Concurrent Plays

Video Startup Time: this metric reflects the mean time which has elapsed between the user initiating playback by pressing the play button and the commencement of playback, excluding any pre-roll ad.

  • Video start up time
  • Player start up time
  • Page load time
  • View seek duration


Video Smoothness: Smoothness measures the amount of rebuffering a viewer sees when watching a video.

  • Rebuffer percentage , frequency and duration

Video Quality: measures the visual quality a user sees by comparing the resolution of a video stream to the resolution of the player in which it is played.

  • Video upscaling and downscaling percentage

Errors: we can identify the errors by type

  • Player error code
  • % Affected users
  • % Affected devices

Therefore, a JUMP QoE will let you get the most accurate answers about your video streaming performance, see what’s happening in real-time (before users do), understand every single view and predict churn risk based on your users’ experience.


Get answers on your content’s performance

Understand what is happening in real time before user do

Predict churn risk based on the users’ experience

Make data-driven decisions for your UX

Clients Using JUMP QoE