JUMP Retention

JUMP Retention

Increase retention in your video service by understanding why users leave before they leave.

Audience Churn risk prediction is crucial for any video service business to make better retention decisions in advance. But, without a data-driven strategy, improving the outcomes across your video service is practically impossible and the main issue here is that most entertainment video companies do not have the tools or the resources to develop it.


To solve this gap, JUMP Retention let video services businesses leverage AI models to predict why customers might be at risk, leading to a retention strategy.

Individual Risk Score

What is my user distribution based on their risk of leaving the service?

Main Churn Influencers

Which user attributes influence churn probability?

Deep Influencers Analysis

What is my overall retention performance?

Whitepaper: Reducing churn and Machine Learning. Why you should try it

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How to reduce churn & avoid the mass SVOD cancellations predicted for 2022

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