Most viewed SVOD series in the US

With nothing to watch on TV? At JUMP we know exactly what users consume at their favourite SVOD platforms and pay television. We invite you to discover the most watched SVOD series in the US that you will surely love as well. Let’s get started!

Some original SVO series

To begin with, it should be noted that it is necessary to separate the original series from the series acquired by SVOD platforms due to their distinction in content. Starting with the original series, Netflix’s Ozark is one of the standout series with 34.462 million minutes streamed, followed by Lucifer with 18.975 million minutes, and The Crown with 16.275 million minutes.

Following the step, there is Tiger King with 15 ,611 million minutes broadcast. This on the one hand, while Disney + pairs in numbers with Wanda Vision and The Mandalorian. However, these last titles are placed at a disadvantage due to the small number of their episodes.

Later on, we find again Netflix titles such as The Umbrella Academy, The Great British Bake Of, Longmire and You.

Series acquired

The titles acquired by Netflix are by far the most popular so far for American audiences. The Office revolutionized the platform with a total of 57,157 million minutes broadcast. Grey’s Anatomy was not far behind, followed by Criminal Minds.

Other titles recognized by the United States are NCSIS, Schitt’s, Shameless, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, etc.

Other titles

They seem like a lot, but the reality is that in recent times there have been almost innumerable series that have set a pattern in the country’s SVOD services. So here is another list of critically acclaimed titles on the SVOD service.

  • Stranger Things: one of the most popular Netflix series, at least 50 times more in demand than the average content.


  • Cobra Kai: with new content, but retro and quite fun, Cobra Kai has become one of the most watched series by fans (and not) of the Karate Kid.


  • Game Of Thrones: could not miss our beloved mother of dragons here, the popular HBO series plays at least 55 times more than other content.


  • My Hero Academia: Bones’ anime, to the surprise of some, is on the list of the most reproduced.


  • Saturday Night Live: one of the oldest programs on North American television, but also one of the most watched.


  • SpongeBob: for some it is impossible, but the main reason for its popularity, apart from being entertaining content, is that it is a multiplatform series.

Do you know any other series? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.