3READY is an entertainment ecosystem for operators and broadcasters to launch superior experiences on all devices, co-create and enable customer-centric innovation.
It offers Android tv + Multiscreen solutions.

3ss solutions for the entertainment ecosystem:

Framework to Scale:

Launch Android TV, Multiscreen and voice experiences faster, co-create and innovate on open architecture, future-proof technology & design system.

Customer Centricity:

Enable customer-centric innovation to create winning experiences as part of one ecosystem and stay ahead of the game in today’s highly dynamic market.

Joining Forces they make entertainment simple and personal for everyone. To get there, we are teaming up with partners who share our vision.

3ss solutions for different types of companies:

Android TV:

Cost-efficiently fast-track hybrid DVB, ATSC, IPTV or pure OTT services with their award-winning Android TV Operator Tier Custom or Standard Launcher.

  1. Deployed live with Linear & Replay TV, Local & Cloud PVR, AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and more
  2. 3x Netflix certified incl. Direct Carrier Billing
  3. Google’s reference integration of Operator Tier fully compliant with Android 10+
  4. Real-Time Control over Experience via Control Center
  5. Advanced Voice Experience & Operator Branding for Google Assistant with Cloud Integration
  6. Dynamid Ad Insertion & Google Play Movies Integration

Leading Android TV Integrator

  1. Most Android-based TV deployments world-wide
  2. 9 years experience with AOSP & Android TV
  3. 100+ Android Experts in-house
  4. Own OEM & MW agnostic Launcher Framework
  5. Proven Design & Experience System for Android TV
  6. Early Access Partner from Google for Android TV & Assistant

Seamless Hybrid Experience

They have designed and developed a complete seamless customer experience for Live TV via DVB, ATSC, ISDB, IPTV + OTT.

  • One box, one launcher, all input types for all customers
  • Firmware & launcher updates via custom OTA
  • Support for multi-operator brands via Control Center
  • Offline Mode & Remote Device Lock
  • UI support for basic & advanced meta data
  • Retail Mode for Offline Playback using Broadcast stack


Launching a new service on many devices is complex. With over 10 years experience and their native framework, they can enable faster time to market while keeping maintenance & support costs low in the long-run.

  • Full Live TV & VOD service for broadcasters
  • Unified Pay TV offering and experience with Android TV
  • Support for AVOD, SVOD, TVOD
  • Real-Time Control over Experience via Control Center
  • Sports & Kids-centric features including Multiple Profiles, Parental Control, In-App Purchase & Pay-Per-View

Unified Experience on All Devices

For maximum reach and high customer satisfaction, the service has to be available on all platforms and provide a unified experience across TV, Mobile & Web.

“3SS succeeded on all fronts and we look forward to building on this success with 3SS and to delivering further innovations for our viewers.”

‍Casper Hald, Head of Blockbuster at TDC Group

Maximum Flexibility & Real-Time Control

Control Center enables unified experience management for Android TV & Multiscreen to target and market-test in real-time and create the winning customer experience.

  • Editorial page branding & content curation
  • Aggregation & placement of third-party content
  • Audience targeting & user testing
  • Real-time UX management & feature control
  • Ads & content monetization options via partner integrations

Super-Curation of Content, Apps & Games

Create editorial & recommendation driven content worlds to curate content around user interest.

  • Curate & manage all pages to unify access of Live TV VOD, Apps & Games
  • Create fully branded Shop-in-Shop experiences for content partners
  • Enable holistic content discovery around topics
  • Place offers, content, apps and games
  • Create different experiences for STB, TV, Mobile or Web

Enabling Linear on Demand

From a user’s perspective the Future of TV must be simple and personal. Together with their partners, they challenge what’s possible to enable the next level of video experience.

  • Linear on Demand is a personalized leanback experience based on user interest, viewing behavior, social graph and understanding of content
  • Enriched Meta Data for deep content understanding & profiling enabled by Media Distillery
  • Content Recommendations and Personalization powered by XroadMedia
  • Personalized discovery & conversational experience powered by 3READY Assistant


3READY Assistant enables personalized voice experiences to simplify discovery on Android TV, Multiscreen, and any voice-enabled device.

  • On-Device & Cloud Integration for maximized control and branding for Google Assistant on Android TV
  • Custom Device Actions for Android TV Operator Tier
  • Cross-Device Actions & Search for Smart Speakers & Displays or far-field devices
  • Conversational Discovery & Self-Care

Enabling the Power of Voice

Context-aware voice search & custom actions for Android TV Operator Tier

  • Google’s reference integration of On-Device & Cloud Integration of Assistant for Android TV
  • Cloud Service for maximized control and branding over Search for Operators
  • Operator specific Custom Device Actions
  • Media Control Actions & TV control
  • Early Access Partner for Google Assistant

Conversational Discovery & Self-Care

A platform ready for the voice revolution

  • Conversational Discovery of Content
  • Personalization & Self-Care by conversation
  • Seamless experience on TV & Smart Displays
  • Unique TV & Operator Use cases to increase stickiness and brand value

UI / UX Freedom

Rapid-Launch your entertainment service based on our market-proven and award-winning product framework.

Driving Agile Transformation

  • Agile Product Delivery
  • Team & Technical Agility
  • Lean-Agile Leadership
  • Continuous Learning Culture
  • Enabling Company-Wide Transformation with SAFe

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