Altran Technologies, SA is a global innovation and engineering consulting firm founded in 1982 in France by Alexis Kniazeff and Hubert Martigny. Altran operates primarily in high technology and innovation consultancy, which account for nearly 75% of its turnover. Administrative and information consultancy accounts for 20% of its turnover with strategy and management consulting making up the rest. The firm is active in most engineering domains, particularly electronics and IT technology. In 2018, Altran generated €2.916 billion in revenues and employed over 46,693 people around the world. Since June 18, 2015, Altran has been led by CEO Dominique Cerutti. Altran is now a part of Capgemini.
Altran was founded in 1982, by Alexis Kniazeff and Hubert Martigny, ex-consultants of Peat Marwick (today known as KPMG), founded CGS Informatique, which would later become Altran. By 1985, the firm counted a staff of 50 engineers.
The company expanded through small business units that would later generally range from 10 to 200 employees. Business units operated semi-independently and were given the autonomy to choose their own growth strategy and investment programs while still getting assistance from central management. This allowed business units to give each other support and share ideas. Managers’ compensation was decided based on the units’ performance.

Organization and activities

Altran Technologies is active in innovation and advanced engineering consulting. The company covers the entire project life-cycle, from the planning stages (technological monitoring, technical feasibility studies, strategy planning, etc.) to final realization (design, implementation, testing, etc.).
As of 2008, Altran was organized in roughly 200 branches, each autonomous in their management and commercial strategy. The firm’s main business areas are as follows:

Revenue breakdown by sector:

Technology and research & development consulting (68.5%).

Organizational and information technology consulting (31.5%)

Geographical breakdown of revenues: France (43.3%), Europe (51.6%) and other (5.1%).