Media apps for every screen, audience or workflow. Applicaster is a SaaS based media app lifecycle management.

The Applicaster advantages:

Develop, publish, and manage apps

Our platform, Zapp, includes everything you need to create and manage beautiful mobile and connected TV media apps — all from one intuitive interface.

Get to market fast

Get a fully functional app to market within weeks, not months — then duplicate apps to kickstart new properties and launch even faster.

Choose best of breed

Zapp’s pluggable infrastructure means you get to use best-of-breed components in your apps. Explore our marketplace or work with Applicaster to develop custom plugins or custom experiences.

Innovate and iterate

Use Zapp to easily optimize and scale apps post-launch. We’ll take care of ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and regular OS or feature updates, allowing you to focus on innovation.

Applicaster solutions:

Applicaster’s platform, Zapp, is everything you need to develop and manage direct-to-consumer apps across phones, tablets, and connected TV devices on any cloud.

With open APIs, extensive partner marketplace, and the ability to code custom components, Applicaster provides an open, plug-in architecture within which you can build and scale your multi-device media app strategy.

From prototyping to monetization, Applicaster gives media brands the tools and flexibility to own their destiny and deliver beautiful apps that connect to existing tech stacks and meet audiences where they are, no matter which screen they’re using.

Applicaster provides everything you need to develop and manage direct-to-consumer apps across mobile phones, tablets, and connected TV devices.

Applicaster keeps Zapp on the cutting edge with frequent SDK updates, constant performance improvements, new features, and support for new and updated operating systems. With Zapp, your apps will never be out of date—we’ll even take care of ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, and regular OS and feature updates.

They help your business get a fully functional app to market within weeks, not months.

Plus, with our unique “build from existing” feature, you can duplicate apps to add new properties, adjust branding, rearrange screens, and change content feeds. Launch follow-up apps fast while maintaining all the benefits of individually designed apps.

They built Zapp using a pluggable infrastructure so you get to choose (and re-choose) which best-of-breed technologies, cloud infrastructure, and workflows you want in your apps.

Applicaster help your business Innovate and iterate:

Use Zapp to easily optimize and scale all of your apps post-launch.

Decided to change your monetization strategy? Switch between AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD seamlessly by making the most of our pre-built integrations. Want better analytics? Just choose one of the many services in their marketplace. Don’t see the integration you need? Use Zapp code to build your own.

Give audiences what they want with a rich feature set that includes notification services, personalized onboarding, engaging EPGs and overlays, aggregated social and content feeds, messaging, and more.

Much of this functionality can be activated remotely without an app update, allowing you to iterate constantly for maximum delight with minimum effort.

Every Applicaster customer gets access to our Zapp services, which include a full onboarding package, the ability to add custom code, technical and developer support, and customer success guidance.

Need more help? Talk to your customer success manager about how we can extend your team with managed services.

Applicaster provides the most comprehensive SaaS based platform for you to develop and deliver exceptional best-of-breed integrations for the provision of direct-to-consumer experiences across mobile and connected TV devices.

They make these integrations available through the Zapp Marketplace, where you can add your solution to the 300+ pre-built plugins already available.Their global developer support team is ready and waiting to guide you through the process of using the platform that was built to connect – Zapp.

When the iPhone hit the market in 2007, Applicaster’s co-founders understood that the way we consume media was about to change forever.

They started advising broadcasters and media companies to capitalize on the rapidly developing app ecosystem and the new, media-centric future.

They founded Applicaster two years later and immediately started developing Zapp — our SaaS platform for simplified app development and management — with the goal of helping companies execute their digital strategies quickly and efficiently.

Today, Applicaster is a global company. Years of experience delivering rich media apps, an industry-leading marketplace of Applicaster and partner-built integrations, with the ability to directly code custom components make us the first choice of some of the biggest names in media. When it comes to direct-to-consumer, experience really does matter.