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MPP Global

Powering media through subscription and billing, MPP Global’s eSuite platform provides media & entertainment organisations with the freedom within a single platform, to deploy flexible business models that drive both recurring and event driven revenue streams.

Extensive Direct to Consumer (D2C) Models for Subscriber Management

eSuite supports a wide range of business models for D2C OTT services, including:

  • SVOD for bundled & unbundled content including specified passes
  • TVOD content rentals & purchases
  • PPV at scale for single or series of events
  • AVOD and Hybrid AVOD/PVOD models

As well as traditional payment methods such as credit & debit cards, eSuite enables the acquisition of subscribers directly through a range of alternative payment methods, as well as all leading In-App Purchasing and Mobile Carrier Billing distribution providers. 

End-to-End Subscriber Management for Enterprise

eSuite powers next generation customer lifecycle management that enables the acquisition, monetisation and churn management of subscribers, reducing capital & operational expenditure and maximising recurring revenues. Benefits include:

  • Enterprise-class SaaS with global scale, flexibility and total data security.
  • Comprehensive Subscriber Management and content monetisation specifically built for media.
  • Flexibility to launch, test and refine business models, offers, products and payment methods in minutes.
  • An open platform for ease of secure integration with Jump Data-Driven Intelligence business applications.
  • Dedicated implementation and project teams to professionally scope, plan and implement your service.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, drastically reducing the financial burden for merchants and offering advanced security standards to protect personal & payment data.

A Range of Functionality to Suit Your Requirements

Access & Entitlement Management

Manage the distribution of digital entitlements for SVOD, TVOD & PPV content using highly configurable broadcast schedules to define subscriber access.

Acquisition & Conversion

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns to maximise conversions by incentivising subscribers with promotions, discounts & trials, and easily issue voucher codes via online & offline channels.

Identity & CRM

Securely capture, store and authenticate subscriber profiles in a single, centralised back-office, with the ability to view lifetime value, manage device limits & support subscribers across the entire customer lifecycle. 

Revenue & Billing

Maximise ARPU and CLTV via the monetisation of products or subscriptions across multiple platforms via a wide range of payment methods & currencies, including the management of subscriber relationships acquired through 3rd party content distribution.

Retention & Recovery

Protect subscription revenues with market-leading technology to minimise voluntary & involuntary churn and optimise transaction success, combined with Jump’s advanced customer retention services.

Analytics & Reporting

Scale your acquisition & retention efforts with access to all your subscription business data through a range of reports, real-time analytics & data lake services, combined with Jump’s data visualisation tools.