Jump Data-Driven Video powers Watch Brasil with personalization technology

Jump Data-Driven Video powers Watch Brasil with personalization technology, offering a best in class streaming service that leverages machine learning and business analytics to enhance content discovery and personalized recommendations

JUMP Data-Driven Video, the pioneers behind the world’s most advanced actionable business data platform for the video industry announces that Watch Brasil will be powered by JUMP’s Deep Recommender.

Watch Brasil is a Brazilian streaming company that offers exclusive services for Internet providers, delivering high quality content to its subscribers. In addition to offering subscribers movies, series, documentaries, and children’s content, Watch Brasil has implemented a structure that adds value to Internet providers by using high performance technologies based on machine learning and data driven business analytics.

As further evidence of its success in the market, Watch Brasil was recently chosen to collaborate with  Brazilian UOL (Grupo Folha), which announced its debut in the OTT market with the launch of its new SVOD platform, UOL Play. Watch Brasil was selected to provide the technology platform to support the new product.

Watch Brasil will incorporate the JUMP Deep Recommender solution into their video service technology stack in order to include functionality that will increase retention, personalization, engagement, and marketing effectiveness.

Jump’s machine learning-powered content recommendation tool supports video content personalization. After tracking and analyzing user content consumption and content similarity patterns, it will provide highly accurate recommendations to Watch Brasil’s customer base.

“We are witnessing a perfect storm in the video industry: unparalleled consumption as people spend more time in front of their screens; intense competition with new entrants of all sizes; and a proliferation of artificial intelligence technology. All of this is completely changing the video market as we know it,”  says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and co-founder of Jump  “We love that we are in a position to help fuel innovation, teaming with Watch Brasil to successfully address key industry challenges through personalization and content recommendation and discovery. We are fully committed to contributing to the improvement of Watch Brasil’s business through the effective use of its business data.”

“JUMP’s Deep Recommender Technology is a widely comprehensive solution and strongly assertive for our clients. Having highly precise recommendations results in a greater user experience. In addition, their tools allow us to manage audience segmentation for marketing campaigns, personalize the experience,  providing a  boost to user engagement on social media. All this helps increase retention and reduce churn, which is fundamental to any VOD business” says Mauricio Almeida, cofounder at Watch Brasil. 


About JUMP Data-Driven Video:

JUMP is an advanced business analytics solution that uses data to help video service providers gain valuable insights about their audience and content performance, to predict churn to retain users, to identify the clusters that video users belong to, and to personalize the video experience. Jump is built on the foundations of cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technology customized for the video industry.

Our vision is that data and its effective use will be the new competitive advantage in the next phase of the video industry. Currently only big players like Netflix, Amazon, and Google are making the most of big data and AI. We provide our video service customers the cutting-edge data technologies they need to compete on equal footing — to retain their customers and increase their revenues.


About Watch Brasil

Launched in October 2018, the company is headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil. Watch Brasil is a video-on-demand platform that gives internet service providers the possibility to work with multimedia and deliver subscriptions and 48-hour rentals for top tier series and films from the largest studios, including Hollywood studios. Version 2.0 of the platform, to be launched in 2020, will be a content aggregating marketplace, and will have different applications. The startup offers content from Sony Pictures, Paramount +, MTV, Comedy Central, Noggin and Universal, among others. Access: https://watchbr.com.br/