Data Platform – Build vs. buy in the media industry: The big picture approach

When a video company is looking to become a data-driven company that will utilize its data effectively as a way to optimize its business, a number of questions will arise. For instance, is it really worth setting up a whole data infrastructure, or does it make more sense to employ a technological solution to cover this need? Because companies know that an accurate analysis of their data is essential to their business, they sometimes feel that it is best to develop an in-house team; but this is a tedious process that often needs to be repeated over time. On the other hand, working with an external specialized data company offers several advantages, from time and costs savings to access to the expertise that comes from working with many other companies worldwide.

In this panel, we’ll be talking about what it takes to build a data platform from scratch versus externalizing this service. We’ll hear from experts about their experience going through this process, the challenges they faced and what they learned along the way, to arrive at a more comprehensive vision of this process.