The data driven journey for the M&E businesses


Julian Morelis – CCO, MPP Global

Jerónimo  Macanás  – CEO, JUMP  Data Driven Intelligence 

Michael Lantz – CEO  at Accedo     

Moderator:  Marta Díez from Jump


2021 has seen big changes in the video industry. There has been an overwhelming shift in consumer habits, with people stuck at home for an extended period of time and turning to television and video platforms as a major source of entertainment. This has led to the rise of new platforms around the world, but the increase in content also brought on a rise in churn. So for these platforms, once they have managed to sufficiently increase their number of users, one of their main concerns is to hook and retain these users, and to strengthen their loyalty. With the surge in consumption, many companies in the video and streaming industry are venturing into ad-based services, and it looks like this business model is just at the start of its run.

It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear from important figures within the video industry, who will tell us how they view the changes that have taken place during this past year, and the challenges they foresee for the future.