Turning data into actionable insights: how to improve your Cloud TV service KPIs

The webinar “Turning data into actionable insights:”  was a chat between Gideon Gilboa, the mind behind Kaltura´s products and Jump´s CEO Two top-notched leaders. one hour, and myriad insights from the field and no presentation!

As streaming became the new TV, it fundamentally revolutionized consumer expectations and content consumption habits. Now, more than ever, leveraging the growing amounts of data, that TV services generate, is essential to stay in the game and deliver compelling experiences.

Whereas you are implementing data in your strategy to boost loyalty and reduce churn, or would like to get the data ball rollin’-  join this discussion, where we’ll have two industry leaders from Jump Data Driven Video and Kaltura, sharing their expertise on the benefits you can achieve by setting a proper data strategy in place.

Our experts discussed in this webinar “Turning data into actionable insights:” topics like What they find as the main driver for the convergence of data and TV,  Which elements they think are essential for the transformation of video services into data-driven entertainment experiences and what are the main benefits and challenges of such a strategic transformation, What are the challenges you witness streaming services facing when it comes to collecting the data,  sharing some advice about how to deal with huge amounts of data  and many more interesting questions and advice based on their own clients´experience.

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