Extreme Content Personalization through AI and ML

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. First off, the bad news: 2022 is expected to see a sharp increase in churn, with around 150 million cancellations of streaming services and a 30% global churn rate.  And now for the good news: not only are you now able to predict and combat churn, according to Ariane Bucaille, the Global Technology, Media and Telecom Industry leader at Deloitte, “more subscriptions overall will be added than cancelled, the average number of subscriptions per person will rise and, in markets with the highest churn, many of those cancelling may resubscribe to a service that they had previously left. These are all signs of a competitive and maturing SVOD market. As SVOD matures, growth across global regions that may have different cost sensitivities will likely require different business model innovation and pathways to profitability.”


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