Navigating the FAST Wave Simplifying Your Journey to Effortless Success

For Fast Channels

Depending solely on Direct-to-Consumer services in today’s video market could curb monetization potential. Streaming platforms now tap into various distribution channels to broaden content monetization avenues. If your are partnering with:

FAST Channels Platforms

Platforms like Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, Tubi, and Xumo provide ad-supported channels for free, allowing content creators to earn revenue from ads.

Subscription Channels

Forge partnerships with major platforms like Roku, Amazon, or Apple to distribute content, accessing a large user base and monetizing through subscription fees.

MVPD Channels

Multichannel Video Programming Distributors offer OTT packages to subscribers, generating revenue through subscription fees.

Leveraging each of these distribution channels is crucial to crafting a well-rounded video content monetization strategy, but it also presents challenges that need to be navigated.


Making informed decisions on programming, content curation, and monetization in your video streaming business with data from distribution channels is crucial.
The challenge, however, is integrating this crucial data from various platforms into a cohesive strategy.

Inconsistent Metrics

Unique metrics across platforms hinder seamless cross-platform comparisons.

Manual Data Retrieval

Time-consuming manual retrieval of data from various platforms poses efficiency challenges.

Lack of Standarization

The absence of standardized data collection across platforms adds complexity to aggregation and interpretation.

Data Privacy and Accessibility

Stringent privacy rules restrict data access and create challenges for comprehensive reporting.

Data Silos

Varied storage formats and structures on different platforms complicate unified data analysis.

Discover JUMP Insights Distribution Channels

We provide a unified platform to collect, ingest, relate, harmonize and visualize analytics from all your Distribution Channels across different platforms  (FAST, CHANNELS, MVPD, etc)

Collect and Ingest

We gather all the data provided by your distribution partners, regardless of the method (email, dashboard, API, etc.), and integrate it into our robust and scalable data infrastructure.

Relate & Harmonize​

Our advanced algorithms relate the collected data to specific user behaviors and harmonize the different data sets to create a comprehensive and unified view of your audience.

Visualize & Understand

Through unified interactive dashboards and detailed reports, we enable you to visualize your data and understand your audience’s behavior, preferences, and engagement for all your distribution channels

Empowering Decision Making​

Use our insights to optimize programming decisions, content acquisition or Ad Targeting, and ultimately increase your audience and revenue.

Key Benefits

Use our insights to optimize programming decisions, content acquisition or Ad Targeting, and ultimately increase your audience and revenue

Unified Data View

Simplifies cross-platform comparisons with a single data source.

Automated Data Gathering

Replaces laborious manual processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Standardized Metrics

Facilitates easy comparisons and insightful analysis across platforms.


Sustains your growth, providing insights regardless of data volume.

Actionable Insights

Enables effective strategies and improved outcomes via integrated data.

Competitive Advantange

Offers a significant edge in a data-driven world with a robust data management system.

“Our collaboration with JUMP ensures that we achieve this commitment through the merger of content and technology. Their expertise in data-driven solutions aligns perfectly with our goals, enabling us to better understand our audience, respond to their needs, and innovate in ways we previously only imagined. This partnership unifies our shared mission and enables us to put our audience at the heart of every decision we make.”

Brad Danks, CEO of OUTtv