JUMP Empowers OUTtv with Unified Analytics Across All FAST Platforms

Vancouver, Canada and Madrid, Spain – September 15, 2023 – — Jump is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with OUTtv, the world’s leading LGBTQ+ television and streaming service. This partnership aims to simplify and standardize the reporting data across OUTtv’s distribution channels. By leveraging Jump’s product, JUMP Insights/Distribution Channels, OUTtv can effectively address challenges inherent to data collection and analysis.


OUTtv has diversified distribution channels, to reach broader audiences in multiple territories, paving the way for multiple content monetization routes.  In addition to their Direct-to-Consumer offerings, OUTtv is also available through FAST platforms, subscription channels, and MVPD aggregators.  However, aggregating this data across disparate platforms poses challenges: inconsistent metrics, manual data collection, non-standardized data, data silos, and data privacy and accessibility issues.


Through their association with Jump, OUTtv will implement the JUMP Insights/Distribution Channels solution. This advanced module adeptly integrates data collection, ingestion, correlation, harmonization, and visualization across all distribution channels, covering a variety of platforms such as FAST, Subscription Channels, and MVPDs.


With the incorporation of JUMP Insights/Distribution Channels, OUTtv will have reliable, complete data, and actionable data from all distribution that will guide decisions on programming and monetization.  This alliance reaffirms OUTtv’s dedication to delivering top-tier content and refining its video business via data-centric insights.


“In the video streaming sector, we’re witnessing a pivotal transition. There’s an upsurge in monetization opportunities for video services due to the expansion of FAST Platforms and Content aggregation hubs,” remarks Jerónimo Macanás, Jump’s CEO. “Challenges invariably accompany opportunities. However, our commitment to collaboration propels OUTtv, fostering unparalleled operational efficiency and innovation.”


“OUTtv is deeply committed to ensuring that the content we deliver resonates with our audience and is also authentic to the LGBTQ+ community,” said Brad Danks, CEO of OUTtv.  “Our collaboration with JUMP ensures that we achieve this commitment through the merger of content and technology. Their expertise in data-driven solutions aligns perfectly with our goals, enabling us to better understand our audience, respond to their needs, and innovate in ways we previously only imagined. This partnership unifies our shared mission and enables us to put our audience at the heart of every decision we make.”


About JUMP:


Established in 2016, JUMP entered the video industry with a vision to amplify business performance through big data and AI technologies. Their emphasis on business data and its judicious application sets them apart in the video services domain. JUMP’s intelligence and personalization platform is tailor-made for video streaming services, ensuring enhanced customer acquisition, retention, personalization, engagement, and marketing efficiency.

For more information, visit JUMP Data-Driven Video at https://www.jumpdatadriven.com


About OUTtv:

OUTtv is the world’s leading LGBTQ+ television and streaming service. Home to a compelling mix of inclusive, queer-focused content from comedy to drama, documentaries, reality, and award-winning movies. OUTtv is dedicated to telling stories by and for the community and is the world’s leading provider of queer content. OUTtv Originals include Call Me Mother, Gogo For The Gold, For The Love of DILFs, The Villbergs Chronicles, Iconic Justice, Hot Haus, Trixie Mattel: Skinny Legend, My Trans Journey and the documentary strand OutSpoken.


OUTtv’s streaming platform is available at OUTtv.com where subscribers can stream their favorite series’ and movies and discover new content exclusive to the service. OUTtv.com is available for iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku and on web browsers in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  OUTtv is also available in Canada and the USA as an Apple TV Channel and in the USA, Canada and Australia as an Amazon Prime Video Channel and on The Roku Channel, Xfinity and Cox Communications in the USA.


To learn more visit OUTtvglobal.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @OUTtv or TikTok @OUTtvca

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