JUMP Data-Driven Video Announces JUMP GenAI at Mobile World Congress 2024: Revolutionizing Video Streaming with Generative AI

[Barcelona, 26/02/24] – At the forefront of innovation, JUMP Data-Driven Video made an exciting announcement at Mobile World Congress 2024 with the unveiling of JUMP GenAI. This pioneering suite of product enhancements, integrating the latest in Generative AI technology, is set to transform the landscape of content discovery and promotion within the video streaming industry. The introduction of VideoClerk and InfiniAvatar under the JUMP GenAI umbrella promises to bring a new level of engagement and personalization to viewers worldwide.

Introducing VideoClerk: A Leap in Content Recommendation



With its advanced streaming avatar technology, VideoClerk offers a groundbreaking approach to content recommendation. Through natural language interactions with realtime avatars, this tool provides personalized content suggestions that resonate with individual viewer preferences and viewing habits, enhancing the overall user experience and making content discovery more intuitive and engaging.

InfiniAvatar: Pioneering Content Creation and Promotion



InfiniAvatar represents a significant advancement in content creation and promotion, enabling the production of captivating promotional materials featuring real avatars. This solution empowers video streaming services and content creators to efficiently generate promotional content for direct platform engagement and social media outreach, facilitating broader audience reach and more dynamic marketing campaigns.

A Vision for the Future: A Statement from CEO, Jerónimo Macanás

Jerónimo Macanás, CEO of JUMP Data-Driven Video, shared his vision for the transformative potential of JUMP GenAI, stating, “At JUMP, we are dedicated to pioneering the future of video streaming. The launch of JUMP GenAI at Mobile World Congress 2024 marks a milestone in our journey, showcasing our commitment to leveraging generative AI for enhancing content discovery and promotion. Our products, VideoClerk and InfiniAvatar, are just the beginning. We are thrilled about the endless possibilities this technology brings to the streaming industry, promising to elevate viewer experiences to unprecedented levels.”

Collaboration with Innovators: Preparing for Live Deployments

In an effort to ensure the successful integration and optimization of JUMP GenAI, JUMP is collaborating closely with some of its most innovative customers. These partnerships are instrumental in refining the technology to meet the specific needs of the industry. “We are excited to announce that very soon, we will be revealing live production deployments of JUMP GenAI, showcasing the real-world impact and benefits of our innovations,” added Macanas. This commitment to collaboration underscores JUMP’s dedication to not just innovating in isolation but working hand-in-hand with the industry to bring about meaningful change.

Elevating the Streaming Experience

JUMP GenAI signifies a new era for video streaming services, offering:

  • Enhanced personalized engagement through VideoClerk.
  • Efficient and scalable content promotion via InfiniAvatar.
  • Improved viewer retention and loyalty by leveraging the latest in AI technology.

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JUMP Data-Driven Video stands as a leader in providing sophisticated data analytics and personalization solutions to the video streaming sector. Driven by a passion for innovation, JUMP is committed to enhancing viewer satisfaction and helping streaming platforms achieve significant growth.

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