Maximizing ARPU and ROI in video services companies through AI-powered personalization

If you want to know all about how to maximize ARPU and ROI in video service businesses through AI-driven personalization, you’ve come to the right place. 

At JUMP TV, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, our platform provides insight, personalization and industry leadership. We help you grow your audience, retain them, engage them with your brand, and everything related to the effectiveness of video service marketing.

What is ARPU? 

ARPU, which stands for “Average Revenue Per User“, is a common, simple and straightforward metric used by telecommunications, services and digital media companies. 

It is primarily used to analyze subscription-based revenue. It measures factors that contribute to a company’s success, such as its growth patterns and competitors.

What about ROI?

The ROI, or “Return on Investment” is a metric used to know the profit obtained from an investment. It helps companies to measure the return on their investments.

Maximize your business’ ARPU and ROI with personalization 

To maximize both ARPU and ROI with personalization, one approach is to use artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI uses computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving skills of humans. And it also possesses the decision-making skills of humans.

To do all this, AI uses large amounts of data, with which both metrics can be maximized. Against this backdrop, we present JUMP PERSONALIZER.


JUMP Personalizer comes to help maximize a company’s ROI and ARPU. It is a recommendation engine that provides contextual content and personalized recommendations on each profile, in order to offer a personalized user experience. Depending on the client’s case and studying our video services, we can offer personalized recommendations.

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