JUMP Announces Quality of Experience Solution powered by Mux

Madrid, 3rd of March, 2021— JUMP Data-Driven Video —the pioneer behind the One-Stop-Shop data platform for all your video service needs— announces the launch of JUMP QoE.

JUMP QoE provides users with a unique source of truth for video platforms. Leveraging  Mux Data,  content publishers now have real-time access to advanced video performance insights and engagement monitoring. With a complete understanding of key analytics, JUMP QoE customers can increase retention and engagement rates for their customers, and optimize the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) of their video audiences.

Backed by Mux Data, the JUMP QoE solution analyzes the quality of video service experience users have on their platform in order to make data-driven actions that can improve user experience. Some benefits include:

  • Insights on five key critical areas of the video quality of service: Playback Experience, Video Startup Time, Smoothness, Video Quality, and Errors.
  • Real-time alerts when something goes wrong so actions can be taken to fix them as soon as possible.
  • Playback tracking down to each individual user level to understand what is going on.
  • A churn risk score for viewers based on their video experience, identifying the main churn influencers.

With JUMP QoE, JUMP customers will receive the most accurate answers about their video streaming performance in real-time for every video view, enabling a more accurate understanding of the impact of streaming experience on churn risk.

“Our Quality of Experience solution, hand in hand with MUX, helps video service providers not just address the streaming experience challenge, but to also anticipate churners before they do, and by this increase its CLTV,” said Jerónimo Macanás, JUMP’s CEO & Co-founder. “This new solution helps make the right streaming experience optimization at the speed demanded by the current OTT market”.

“JUMP’s robust analytics platform provides actionable insights to help OTT service owners maximize customer acquisition and retention,” said Eric Elia, Head of Partnership at Mux. “We’re proud to provide the infrastructure to incorporate quality of experience (QoE) metrics that can further enhance those insights by predicting scenarios like sign-up or churn, which can help JUMP’s customers make informed, impactful business decisions.”

JUMP QoE is part of a series of data-driven products to provide video platforms with improved user experience, engagement and retention levels. All of this ultimately translates into a benefit to the video service’s KPIs, including its CLTV.

Click here to download our product sheet on JUMP QoE or contact us at [email protected] for more information.


About JUMP

JUMP joined the media and entertainment industry in 2016 to champion optimization by using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies to improve video businesses’ ROI.

We have embraced the vision that business data —and its effective use— will be the key differentiator for successful players in the entertainment industry. And as it has evolved, our vision has proven to be true.

Our platform optimizes customer retention, personalization, engagement, and marketing effectiveness: Everything you need to jump to the next level!

For more information visit us on https://www.jumpdatadriven.com


About MUX

Mux is a software company that develops video infrastructure and monitoring tools for developers and publishers of online video. The company was founded by experts in online video, including the creators of the biggest open-source video player on the web (Video.js), the largest transcoding service in the cloud (Zencoder), and the premier conference for video engineers (Demuxed). Mux empowers publishers of all sizes to provide high-quality online video viewer experiences and is trusted by leading providers of online video like CBS, Udemy, TED, and Vimeo.

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