The fast-approaching new television streaming services

It seems as if we are living in (and enjoying) the golden age of streaming platforms. The advent of streaming ushered in a totally new way to watch TV, and its impact has been felt across the industry — by producers, distributors, and broadcasters alike.

There are already numerous alternatives offering us varied subscription and pricing options. We may choose the service with the most interesting offer or with the interface that is easiest for us to use.

The future of streaming — far from winding down — seems to be positively promising. We have already heard about the new platforms that will join those already in service. From our point of view, there can never be too many. On the contrary, we are looking forward to what they’ll have to offer.

We can begin with Disney+. Can you imagine having access to all Disney content for only a monthly fee? The company that owns franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel Superheroes will deliver the means to watch their content via streaming for an estimated €7 per month.

The streaming market keeps growing

We would bet that there is a high likelihood that you’ll get hooked by their catalog: in addition to the previously mentioned franchises, Pixar and Disney’s classic movies will be available. They will also produce their own series and movies. And the icing on the cake: they will be offering The Simpsons and National Geographic documentaries too.

Apple TV+ is another service sure to cause a huge sensation. We know Apple has a massive number of followers who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new platform. It is a significant event because Apple will be offering its service on devices from other brands. You will not have to have a Mac or iPhone in order to take advantage of this streaming service; you will be able to watch it on smart TVs from Samsung and Sony.

Apple TV+ is anticipated to launch this November at the super-competitive price of €4.99 per month. By hitting the market at this price, it could become the next big star in the streaming universe. Apple is betting big on their own content. Of particular note are series starring Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon and another directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Photo: AskmenIndia
Photo: AskmenIndia

The streaming services offering explodes in 2020

Discovery also intends to board the streaming train. It has partnered with BBC to create a streaming service platform in 2020. Details have not yet been made public, and the BBC still needs to end its agreement with Netflix. Both Discovery and the BBC own the rights to important franchises, such as Planet Earth and Myth Hunters. We will be waiting for the latest news about this streaming channel, which will certainly stand out thanks to its documentaries and educational content.

In spring 2020 HBO Max will hit the scene, but unfortunately only in the United States. The service launch date for Spain is as of yet unknown. This Warner platform promises to be one of the heavy-hitters of content. It will offer all of Warner Bros. content: DC Entertainment, the Cartoon Network, CrunchyRoll, CNN, TCM, Adult Swim, TNT, and a very long etcetera.

We will be able to watch those lifelong favorites like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or the well-loved Friends.

They will, of course, also offer their own, exclusive content. Original, exclusive movies and series newly produced by HBO Max will be offered in MaxOriginals. Hold on tight; things are about to get moving. The Dune and Gremlins franchises will be among their new projects. The bad news is that date for the new service’s international roll-out has not yet been announced; so far it will only be available “stateside.”

If you think we’ve finished, you’d be wrong. There are even more players stepping into the landscape. For example, NBC. The consumption of content by streaming is booming, and everyone wants a part of the action. It would not be surprising if more announcements of new streaming services are made after we publish this article.

With so many streaming platforms in the fray, content and price wars are inevitably on the horizon in the coming months. Just as inevitably, we will reap the benefits of the hotly anticipated, huge outlook for newly created content. We will witness a revolution that will surely have repercussions on the consumption of other forms of entertainment such as the cinema, the theater, and all kinds of shows in general.

We will have so much available that we’ll have no option but to choose which one we stick with. We’ll be able to watch our beloved lifelong series and new productions that get us hooked and keep us sofa-bound. Are you ready for everything that’s coming?