TV Data Revolution: The perfect Cloud TV Platform

We all know TV viewing habits have changed, and the market is racing to keep up. What was up until a few short years ago a living-room centric, pre-scheduled experience, is now an on-demand, anytime, anywhere activity, allowing connected consumers to watch more content than ever contemplated before. TV today is TV on the people’s terms and to  meet their demands, you need to adapt quickly. Cloud TV is the answer. You need to blend the features, agility, openness, business models, device reach and personalization of OTT, with the scalability and reliability of traditional pay-TV or broadcast.


  • What does it take to build the perfect TV Cloud Platform?
  • Which variables have an impact on UX and digital media service’s growth?
  • What impact would 5G have on this?
  • What will the future evolve on the super aggregation strategy?