Beyond the App: How JUMP Personalizer customizes external marketing for every viewer

Ever wondered how Netflix figures out what movies or series might tickle a user’s fancy? Or how it sends emails or notifications with suggestions that grab attention? The answer lies in the use of artificial intelligence and data analysis to create a personalized experience for each user. But here’s the catch – Netflix isn’t the only player in this game. In this article, we’ll unveil how JUMP Personalizer, a solution from JUMP DATA-DRIVEN, allows you to personalize external marketing for every viewer, thereby boosting satisfaction, engagement, and customer loyalty.

What is JUMP Personalizer and how does It work?

JUMP Personalizer, a product of JUMP DATA-DRIVEN, employs an AI-based recommendation engine that analyzes the behavior, preferences, and profile of each user. It offers relevant and personalized content not only within the application but also outside of it.

It goes beyond enhancing the user experience within your streaming platform; JUMP Personalizer empowers you to customize external marketing for every viewer. This means sending personalized communications through various channels, such as email or push notifications, suggesting content based on individual tastes and consumption habits.

Benefits of personalizing external marketing for every viewer

Customizing external marketing for every viewer comes with several business benefits:

Increased user satisfaction

By offering content aligned with user preferences, satisfaction is heightened, creating a perception that your service understands and cares for them.

Boosted user engagement

Personalized communications encouraging users to explore more content keep them active and hooked to your platform, reducing churn rate or cancellations.

Enhanced user loyalty

Establishing a closer and longer-lasting relationship with users, built on trust and relevance, transforms them into loyal, recurring customers who recommend and defend your service against competitors.

How to Implement JUMP Personalizer in your streaming platform?

JUMP Personalizer, apart from in-app content personalization, it also allows you to personalize your other marketing tools for every viewer, sending tailored communications through different channels like email or push notifications. These communications are based on the analysis of user behavior, preferences, and profile, offering content suggestions that align with their tastes and consumption habits.

This brings several advantages to your external marketing campaigns, including:

Increased open and click rates

Sending attention-grabbing personalized communications increases the likelihood of users opening and clicking on your messages, driving them to access your streaming platform.

Heightened relevance and perceived value

Personalized communications that align with user needs and expectations increase the relevance and perceived value of your messages and your service overall.

Enhanced Differentiation and Competitive Edge

Sending personalized communications that set you apart from the competition strengthens the differentiation and competitive edge of your service, building a stronger and more positive brand image.

If you want to learn more about JUMP DATA-DRIVEN, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, and how it can assist you in personalizing external marketing for every viewer, request a free demo. Discover the possibilities with artificial intelligence and data analysis. Don’t let Netflix take the entire cake—join the game!