How to achieve monetization success in the video industry with AI-powered personalization

Today, there is no doubt that the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in our services, especially for video creation servers, is essential to achieve monetization success in the video industry.

In this article from JUMP, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, we are going to give you all the information on how to personalize the video industry with AI.

What is AI-powered personalization in the video industry?

Thanks to AI applied to the video industry, more insights into customer behavior and purchasing patterns can be gained, both current and predictive.

Video personalization can be achieved by implementing Artificial Intelligence tools that can handle several tasks simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Having AI tools improves consumption with technologies and is a key to maximizing the monetization of the video service.

Why is AI-powered personalization important in monetizing the video industry?

It’s important to personalize with AI to monetize the video industry, because by tracking their browsing, we can get insights into what experience users are having on the platform.

Companies can therefore personalize and tailor the experience for each user, for example through digital signage.

A clear example is the design of the store where the products of a company are offered. Thanks to AI-powered video analytics, this allows companies to understand how customers want to personalize their experiences when visiting stores for products and services.

Challenges in using AI-powered personalization in the video industry.

The use of AI-powered personalization in the video industry will have to make everything more automated and innovative.

Artificial Intelligence must be up to the task of providing each company with a complete customer focus and thus optimizing marketing objectives.

The challenge will be to achieve it through personalization, that is, through knowledge of customer behavior. Personalization of the user experience with AI or other processes such as show-and-engagement and delivering accurate predictive analytics, which were challenging until now, can be achieved much faster.

Another challenge will be understanding how companies can anticipate costs with optimized budgets while simplifying tasks for employees, reducing sales process time.

How to use AI-powered personalization to improve monetization in the video industry?

To use personalization by AI, it will be necessary to incorporate creative, analytical and technological capabilities that will come from the new Digital Marketing by AI. This will improve the customer experience and business results.

Knowing more about the client, offering him the videos that he is needing and thanks to the knowledge from AI studies, the videos produced will monetize on a larger scale, improving the video industry.


How JUMP can help you grow with AI

Thanks to our JUMP Personalizer service, we have an AI recommendation engine to personalize the services you show your customers. It offers a super personalized experience thanks to AI.

You will increase your conversion rates by 25%, you will reduce the search time of your users by 20%, and identify the users most likely to become paying customers. In short, take your video player service to another level.