How to revolutionize monetization in video services: harnessing the power of AI and user behavior

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool to achieve greater benefits by saving effort and time in some tasks. In this sense, monetization in video services with AI is the future and can be a great way to improve the offer and personalization based on objective and specific data.

From JUMP, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, we bring you all the information you need on how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing video services and generating greater monetization in those companies that have been able to implement it.

Why is monetization important in video services?

Monetization is the way video services make money, that’s why it’s important as you can earn huge revenue through content creation with ads that appear before and after or during them on the watch page.

In addition, there are also ways to earn income, such as with a subscription service like the one offered by companies like Netflix or HBO Max, among others.

Having a clear approach and knowing the keys to monetizing your video service will help you grow financially.

How can AI improve advertising in video services?

The brands will be able to personalize the experiences of the users who watch the videos, through the analysis of their databases and their previous behaviors.

For example, brands will be able to offer the most relevant promotions, product recommendations or personalized landing pages from their video services.

How can AI help personalize the user experience to increase monetization?

AI can help personalize the user experience, increasing your monetization in the following ways.

First, it can process user comments and reviews to identify their feelings and opinions regarding the video.

Already with that little information, video developers can improve the customer’s browsing experience and resolve the concerns and problems raised in a more effective way.

Secondly, it can help in creating and editing the format of the videos and their contents. AI has the ability to interpret user browsing data and adapt it according to their preferences and specific needs.

And, thirdly, it helps through the personalization of the contents. Artificial Intelligence can study the interests and preferences of users, and thus adapt the content of the videos according to what they are expecting.

How to take advantage of AI technology to improve the results of your video playback service.

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