The Importance of Data-Driven Information

Today, data-driven insights have become a very strong trend in the world of data science, marketing and business. Meanwhile, OTT technology, which refers to the content accessed via the Internet and from any device, without using classic cable or satellite TV technologies, is also a key trend in the field of audiovisual production.

Next, from JUMP Data-Driven Video, a commercial data management platform designed specifically for video service players, we explain the importance of data-driven knowledge and its application to the universe of OTT technology and audiovisual production in general.

Meaning of Data-Driven Information

Companies and businesses generate information permanently, through sales, contacts with users, interactions on their social networks and web pages and any activity they develop. However, all this raw information has no effect for use in the decision-making process if it is not previously processed, analyzed and valued.

Information goes from being loose data to becoming useful content for the company, if it adds value when planning an action or deciding, we speak then of data-driven knowledge. In general, it is all that information linked to the business that can be processed and become useful knowledge, intended to guide future actions and decisions.

Example of Data-Driven Information

If we go to the field of production and distribution of audiovisual content and OTT technologies, we can find a concrete example of information and knowledge-based on data. When thinking about a change in the programming grid, the direction of a video content player must be guided by the data-driven model to make the best decision.

The creative direction offers a new series as an option for the change in the programming grid on the one hand. If the commercial and marketing management has developed data-driven knowledge, it will be able to provide the executive management with valuable information on the performance of similar series in previous cycles or on the type of audience that predominates in the time slot to be intervened. The decision will be made based on data with real value for the objective to be achieved.

The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making

Finally, it is important to note that data-driven knowledge generates a change of great importance when making decisions. It is no longer possible to think of decisions that are made without useful information behind them: the enormous explosion of data and the tools that data science provides for its analysis mark a before and after for corporate and business management.

And that is where JUMP Data-Driven Video comes into play, offering solutions so that in a single platform and thanks to artificial intelligence you collect all the data of the users and the contents that will help you to a complete and an exhaustive analysis of the different metrics to make decisions and establish future strategies for your Pay-TV or streaming service.