Using predictive Analysis to anticipate trends and user needs

Predictive analysis for video services is a real and efficient alternative to ensure that your audiovisual content project is always aligned with market trends while responding to the needs of different user groups.

At JUMP DATA-DRIVEN, we know how to apply predictive analysis for video services with the purpose of obtaining more and better information for decision-making: as a result, you will achieve better positioning for your project and optimize the monetization of your content.

Why is predictive analysis important for video services?

Predictive analysis is a technique used in different contexts and sectors because it allows predicting market trends and changes in user needs. However, it does so not based on intuition or hunches but on information and data obtained in real-time about user preferences and behavior over time.

JUMO encompasses a mix of different predictive tools for OTT analysis, such as advanced user clustering or churn prediction model. With these tools, you can track each user’s journey through your service, not only to get them to acquire your content but also to try to turn them into a loyal and permanent customer. 

Advantages of predictive analysis for video services

Some of the multiple benefits of predictive analysis for video services include:

Informed decisions

One of the main advantages of predictive analysis for video services is that it facilitates business decision-making based on real and accurate data. By having relevant information to face a decision, such as selecting content for your video service platform, you can have specific data on user preferences and consumption trends, among other points.

Real-time responses

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other related tools, predictive analysis for video services works with data obtained in real-time, based on algorithms and models trained to process and classify information at the same moment it is produced. Naturally, this is another significant advantage for the decision-making process or on-the-fly correction of any aspect that requires review.

Revealing hidden errors

One of the key benefits of predictive analysis, often overlooked, is its ability to reveal hidden issues. Its application allows us to understand complex problems in the operation of video services and discover hidden patterns in data more quickly and accurately.

Competitive advantages

Predictive analysis for video services is a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in our market niche. By having real-time processed data, you will have an invaluable tool to stay one step ahead of other video services competing for the same audience segment.

Predictive analysis allows you to better understand your users and anticipate their preferences and needs. Thus, you can offer them personalized experiences that increase their satisfaction and loyalty. JUMP Data-Driven Video, is the partner that offers you a comprehensive view of video data and advanced solutions for customization, retention, and optimization. With all the different models engulfed by JUMP Insights, a business data management platform designed specifically for video service players, you can harness the power of data to drive results for your OTT platform.